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Balkatha – Child Freedom Fighters Of Bharat

In the struggle for Freedom from the British, many gave up their lives. Among these were small children too. The story of their bravery is one which makes us feel pride on being the people of this land of Tyaagis (those who have sacrificed their lives). Let us look at 3 of these children and fill our hearts and minds with the courage that these children had. BAJI RAUT He is the youngest of Martyrs of this l ...

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World Environment Day – RSS’ new initiative for environment protection

The Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) was held in Gwalior from March 8 to 10. A total of 1,420 workers from various RSS associated organisations attended the meeting. RSS Sarkaryavah Bhaiyaji Joshi called upon the Sangh karyakartas to have more contact with the various positive social initiatives and activities. One of the key decisions taken by the ABPS 2019, the ape ...

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RSS Inspired Ekal Vidyalayas, a People’s Education movement in one-teacher schools

Ekal Vidyalaya’s started as a movement to impart integrated education & holistic development for children of rural and tribal India. The main activity undertaken in this truly people's movement was to run one-teacher schools (known as Ekal Vidyalaya) all over India, in the remotest rural & tribal villages. The aim of the movement was to take the education to every child, wherever the child lived. To ...

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Muslim mob pelts stone on Dalit marriage procession in Cong ruled MP

One killed and 2 in critical condition as tension grips Dewas New Delhi. A wedding procession of a Dalit that was passing through a Muslim locality has been attacked and one person has died. A Muslim mob pelted stones on a marriage party of a Dalit which was passing in front of a mosque. The incident took place in Pipalarwa village in Dewas district of Congress ruled Madhya Pradesh. As per reports, a marria ...

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Harappan site of Rakhigarhi – DNA study finds no Central Asian trace, junks Aryan invasion theory

The much-awaited DNA study of the skeletal remains found at the Harappan site of Rakhigarhi, Haryana, shows no Central Asian trace, indicating the Aryan invasion theory was flawed and Vedic evolution was through indigenous people. The lead researchers of this soon-to be published study - Vasant Shinde and Neeraj Rai - told ET that this establishes the knowledge ecosystem in the Vedic era was guided by “full ...

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Crores of people of Bharat are fortunate to have once again got a stable government

Crores of people of Bharat are fortunate to have once again got a stable government. This is the triumph of the national forces. Many compliments to each and everyone who have contributed to this victory of democracy. The spirit and ideal of democracy have once again been established for the world to witness. We trust that the new Government shall endeavour and succeed in fulfilling the aspirations and ambi ...

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Narad as a Catalyst of Transformation – Swami Mitrananda

We all know Narad as Devarishi but how do we perceive him? A mischief-monger going around and creating confusion. The dynamism of the Narad is lost to Indians and we have failed to interpret his actions under the right lens. Let us look at a few examples that will help us decolonize our mindset and see Narad’s actions under fresh light. Let us start with an example - example of Prahlad’s devotion and libera ...

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Massive protest at India Gate – Protesters question double standards of the liberals when the victim is a Hindu

Common people of Delhi came together to demand justice for the brutal murder of Dhruv Tyagi by a Muslim mob. Tyagi was murdered on May 12th when he countered the Muslim youth who were harrassing his daughter while passing through a colony. Hundreds were present at the protest venue demanded that the murderers and all those who supported them should be arrested and given capital punishment. The protestors al ...

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Godse Haasan and Hindus

“Free India’s first terrorist was a Hindu. His name was Nathuram Godse.” Thus spoke the Oracle Kamal Haasan. Haasan refers to the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi in January, 1948. Utter novices these Hindus! Despite being the first to adopt terrorism they shockingly allowed themselves to be surpassed by those more adept at slaughter and mayhem! And what have they to show? Only a Nathuram Godse. Godse was ar ...

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Murder of Ramalingam was a terrorist act ­– NIA

Ramalingam  was killed for opposing religious conversion by Muslim preachers New Delhi. A trial court has given NIA another 90 days of judicial custody of the 10 accused men in the murder case of PMK leader Ramalingam in Tamil Nadu, who was murdered after he had opposed religious conversion by Muslim preachers. The NIA has also stated that the murder of the PMK leader was an act of terrorism aimed at inciti ...

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