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Stratagems to make life difficult for Hindus in UP’s Rampur

Merut. Rampur, a district of Uttar Pradesh, is the only town in India’s largest populous state that boasts of a Muslim majority. The 2001 census confirmed the Muslim domination in the city. And, though the 2011 census figures based on religious demography are not out, yet anybody residing in Rampur can vouch that there is a discernible huge spurt in the Muslim population. Even a casual visit to Rampur confi ...

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“Saksham” paid rich tribute to the victims of Bhopal Gas Tragedy

Meerut (VSK). Saksham pay rich tribute to the people who died in the Bhopal gas tragedy on 3rd December. It works for welfare of blinds and disabled. People from all walks of life placed their views on this occasion. On the fatal night of 3rd December, 1984 Metyl Isocynate gas started leaking from the factory of Union Carbide India Ltd, Bhopal and the whole city turned into a highly poisonous Gaseous State ...

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Tell girls about ‘love jihad’, how to save themselves: RSS chief Bhagwat

Ghaziabad. RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat raked up the issue of 'Love Jihad' saying the girls should be taught its meaning and ways to save themselves from the "trap". Addressing the closing session of the two-day All India Women Coordination Conclave at Krishna Dental College in Mohan Nagar here on Sep. 2, the RSS chief exhorted the women to work towards their emancipation and empowerment. "Girls of the coming ge ...

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