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Here are the 4 kinds of people who can never understand the traditions of Sabarimala

On 13th November, the Supreme Court will hear petitions challenging its Sabarimala verdict. Last week Sabarimala temple opened for a day and Kerala govt. deployed a 2000 strong police force for this day. Their priorities were quite evident. A communist govt. is going all out to ensure that women devotees get Sri Ayyappa’s darshan as early as possible. Wonder if anyone sees the irony in there, but then we li ...

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‘Historical Tyrant’ Tipu Continues to be Eulogised for Votes

“Tipu Sultan is the biggest enemy of the Canara Christian community”, says Robert Rosario who is a Catholic and lives in Mangaluru. The kind of torture he meted out to my community for about 15 years is something we will never forget, he says. Between 1765 and 1780, Tipu committed untold atrocities against Catholics in the coastal region of Karnataka, and did not leave aside even women and children. Executi ...

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Sardar Patel and RSS

The Congress party posted a video on Twitter stating that Sardar Patel was opposed to RSS. This propaganda to implicate the Sangh is basically because the Sangh echoed the sentiments of the nation which wanted Sardar Patel to be the 1st Prime Minister of Bharat instead of Nehru. The venom spewed by the Congress party on the Sangh is well known. Rajaji said Patel would make a better PM than Nehru That Patel ...

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Hindus bearing the brunt of judgments which are skewed against them

A common citizen’s open letter to Supreme Court, PM Dear Honourable judges and PM, Yesterday the Sri Ramajanma Bhoomi case came before the Supreme Court and it took almost the same time as making a bowl of instant noodles, for the honourable CJI to reject the hearing by saying that “the court has its own priorities”. And then it was declared by CJI Gogoi - “We will fix the date of hearing of Ayodhya dispute ...

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Matrushakti and RSS – The Inspiring Saga of Rashtra Sevika Samiti

The year was 1936. Almost ten years after the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) was formed in 1925, Laxmibai Kelkar met Dr. Keshav Baliram Hedgewar to discuss the idea of women participating in the RSS activities. She wished that women must contribute their bit towards nation building. Laxmibai’s son regularly attended the Shakha at Wardha, Maharashtra. A decision was taken to establish an organisation that ...

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What we can learn from Dr. Kalam on respecting traditions

The custom and tradition and the form of rituals in Sabarimala is protected under Article 13 of the Constitution, and setting aside the custom and tradition and the form of practices in the temple without leading evidence is a violation of due process of law. These traditions are in practice much before our Constitution came into force, the same has been recorded by the British officers as evident in the bo ...

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Clearing Misconceptions Regarding the Sabarimala Temple Tradition

Real women devotees of Lord Ayyappa in Kerala and South India have never felt that their right to pray at Sabarimala temple has ever stood violated. Therefore the recent Supreme Court verdict has put in angst and rage, the entire Hindu community of Kerala. The verdict pronounced lifting of a ban on entry of women into the temple, “giving women equal rights to pray at Sabarimala” and and “sought to end any g ...

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Sabarimala, abode of Lord Ayyappa – Of ‘equality’, the misinformation and what we stand to lose

The entry of women aged 10 to 50 was prohibited in the Sabarimala Temple. In 2006, a Public Interest Litigation was filed in Supreme Court against this religious ritual on the ground of gender discrimination by Indian Young Lawyer’s Association (President), Bhakti Pasrija Sethi (General Secretary of the Indian Young Lawyers Association), Laxmi Shastri, Prerna Kumari, Alka Sharma, and Sudha Pal. At the time ...

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Glasnost, Bharat and the Sangh.

It was anticipated that the three day lecture series by Dr Mohanji Bhagwat would trigger conversation and debate.  Most people welcomed this unique outreach. However some people expressed doubts on the sincerity of the program, others wondered if these ideals would filter down to the ground level. The Sarsanghchalak’s lectures were perceived as something ground breaking even revolutionary by some people. In ...

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The three day lecture series was an unqualified success

The three day lecture series of Dr. Mohanji Bhagwat, was an unqualified success, and as expected conversations triggered by this first of a kind interaction still continue. Amongst those who attended there were many who were yet to hear the Sangh’s views first hand and had often been misled by propaganda, hence there was also some disbelief, since the Sarsanghachalak’s speech was contrary to what had been s ...

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