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Conversion and Conviction

The discourse on conversion has taken an interesting turn. An incident of homecoming ceremony in Agra has triggered the discussion and the whole secular space, including their representatives in the Parliament sneaked the opportunity of targeting the BJP led government on the Hindutva plank. Without recognising the difference between religious conversion and homecoming to the traditional way of life, these ...

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Actually, the Alternative is ‘The Original’

“Who offers the knowledge about longevity and what goes against of it and also provides the account of the time and quality of life (ayu) as well, is termed as Ayurveda.”    —Charaka Samhita; SU.30.24 If somebody asks you solar energy is natural or not, you would consider him a fool. But in common parlance while artificially generated power is considered as main source of energy, unfortunately, natural sour ...

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Hygiene and the Hindu way of life

Chennai. For a long time now, it is a prevalent thought among foreigners that the Hindus in Bharat have little or no regard for clean living. Most people feel that Hindus take dirt and stench casually and almost seem to revel in the squalor around them. The sizable population of NRIs who visit Bharat is even more aggressive in voicing their revulsion for the Hindu way of ‘dirty living’, conveniently forgett ...

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Bharat wants to listen to P.P. Dr. Bhagwatji

An executive editor of a prominent national channel met me on my way to Nagpur and I was surprised at his excitement at covering the Vijayadashami speech of the RSS Sarsanghchalak. All prominent news channels, including the BBC, were in Nagpur to cover the Vijayadashami programme. The magnitude of RSS’ influence on politics, society and culture can no longer be ignored, and it is imperative that the old con ...

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Address of Parampujya Sarsanghchalak ji on Sri Vijaya Dashmi

We have gathered here once again after a year on this auspicious and holy occasion of Vijaya Dashami. This year the environment is quite different and everyone can feel it.  . The grand success of our scientists in sending our 'Mangal Yaan' into the orbit of Mars, that also in the maiden attempt, has tremendously generated respect for us and has added to our self confidence. We express our hearty congratula ...

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Ekatma Darshan: Philosophy that the Universe has a Single Underlying Principle

So far we have analysed and discussed important aspects of the PIH (PIH is achronym for philosophy of Integral Humanism). Earlier we have taken stock of Western social theories. In the following we make a brief comparison of the salient points and it will show the superiority of PIH. A common feature of Western social theories is that they were all born as a reaction. Nationalism rose as a reaction to the a ...

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Civilisational Conspiracy

Conversion is a sinister game that causes an avalanche of demographic balance in the society. Let India emerge as a beautiful spiritual garden with a variety of flowers of faith and religion. My mind goes back to the yester years, when the battles were fought on the grounds of expansion of region and extension of religion. But today a new kind of battle is taking place in this modern age of liberty, technol ...

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‘Holy deception’ for waging ‘LOVE JIHAD’ across globe

The case of Tara Shahdev has again brought the issue of Love Jihad to the forefront. Instead of outrightly discarding it, we need to analyse the reality. This might take us to the Uniform Civil Code as a one of the solutions. In simple words, Love jihad is trap of Muslim organisations to seduce Hindu girls, to use Hindu women for physical desires, to convert them, to sell them or to use them for terrorist a ...

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It’s Time We End This “Dumb Charade”

Commonwealth Games (cg) earlier known as British Empire Games are going on in Glasgow, Scotland (July 23-August 3) and as usual India is participating in them. But the question arises as to why India still participate and continue to keep alive the memories of our slavery. Many years ago, there was a prosperous and happy kingdom. All other kings were envious of its strength and prosperity. A few people from ...

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Ideal Hindu Women

Shri Guruji believes that women had a very vital role in bringing about social cohesion and also in building up character in the society. For this, what was necessary was to emulate the heroic examples of womanhood in our history. It was not necessary nor is it advisable to borrow foreign models, which have no relevance in our country. On the contrary it will only disrupt our society and destroy our values. ...

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