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CPM’s student’s wing SFI denigrates Hindu God Ayyappa on Kerala college campus

In a calculated move to insult Hindu belief and instigate communal tension, the ruling CPM’s students’ wing SFI has put up hoardings at the campus of Kerala Varma College, Thrissur, denigrating Hindu god Lord Ayyappa, the presiding deity of Sabarimala temple. Endorsing the women entry into Sabarimala temple, the student’s union leaders depicted Lord Ayyappa in between the legs of a bleeding woman! The writi ...

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Double standards! CPM Government says NO to removal of illegal crosses from temple land

Takes case against those who installed Trishul in protest against Church’s land encroachment Kerala. The chief minister’s office made an intervention to stop the recovery of the land encroached by the church after 'planting' crosses in Panchalimedu, a part of the sacred forest of Lord Ayyappa. Chief minister Vijayan’s intervention came as the deadline, issued by the revenue department officials, for removin ...

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Church erects Crosses and encroaches ‘Sacred Forests of Lord Ayyappa’

The church with the alleged connivance of the state government is encroaching the ‘sacred forests’ associated with the Sabarimala temple, known as ‘Poonkavanam’ in Kerala. The Malayalam newspaper Janmabhumi reported that massive encroachment of forestland is taking place at Panchalimedu, a part of Sabarimala forests in Idukki district. The entire region has been designated as an ecologically fragile under t ...

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RSS defamation case – Bailable warrant against Sitaram Yechury for failing to appear before court

New Delhi. Mumbai court on Monday issued a bailable warrant against CPM leader Sitaram Yechury as he failed to appear before the court in a criminal defamation case filed by an RSS worker. The bailable warrant issued is of rs 2,000. The case pertains to an RSS worker and lawyer Dhrutiman Joshi, who had filed a private complaint in a metropolitan magistrate's court in Mumbai in 2017 against Congress chief Ra ...

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RSS to file defamation suit against Kerala Minister Issac

New Delhi. RSS has initiated legal steps against Kerala Finance Minister Dr. T.M. Thomas Isaac for stating that RSS killed Gadhiji. He wondered, whether it suits political ethics if Congress-led UDF candidate seeks the support of RSS which killed Mahatma Gandhi. RSS Kollam Mahanagar Sanghchalak R. Goapalakrishnan has sent legal notice to Isaac and K.J. Thomas and P. Rajeev, printer/publisher and editor of " ...

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Hymn-chanting ‘annoys’ Kerala CM; CPM leaders disconnect power supply to Temple

New Delhi. CPM leaders disconnected the power supply to a temple after bhajans from the temple annoyed their party leader and Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. As a part of the election campaign for LDF candidate A Sampath, Vijayan was speaking at an election rally in Kattakkata, Attingal parliament constituency. The devotees were singing Bhajans at the Mudippura temple on the auspicious day of Vishu, Hindu ...

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Kerala sees one of the largest congregations of Hindus against Communist govt.

Ayyappa Bhaktha Sangamam A massive gathering of devotees had come together on Sunday in Thiruvananthapuram to protest against the communist government in Kerala which has been ‘incessantly trying to destroy temple traditions and Hindu customs’ in the state. Devotees, seers and spiritual leaders from across South India had gathered, making it one of the largest congregation of Hindus in the history of Kerala ...

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CPM leader compelled’ his wife to visit Sabarimala against her wish

“I did not want to visit to Sabarimala, but my husband compelled me,” said CPM leader’s wife to the police! An attempt to violate the temple tradition was averted by the devotees in Sabarimala last night. Anju (30) came to Pampa last night and sought the police protection for darshan along with her family. She told the police that her husband compelled her to go for darshan; hence she came. Her husband Viji ...

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‘Sabarimala Under Arrest’ – Amid tight security, prohibitory order and media ban, Sabarimala opens for Special Puja today

The police have tightened the security as the Sabarimala temple reopens today for special puja, 'Chithira Atta Vishesham'. It is second time the temple opens for Darshan after the Supreme Court allowed women of all ages to enter the temple. 'Tackling' the protesting devotees, the CPM government has deployed 2,300 personnel, including a 20-member commando and 100 women personnel in Sabarimala and surrounding ...

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Sabarimala – Don’t play to the gallery; Government will have to pay heavy price if it arrests innocents, Kerala High Court Warns CPM Government

In a major setback to the CPM, Kerala High Court lashed out at the Kerala Government over the brutal police crackdown against the Ayyappa devotees and Hindu activists following the Sabarimala protests. Kerala High Court, while considering the petition against the police atrocities on devotees, today warned the state government that it will have to pay a heavy price if it arrests innocent people. The court a ...

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