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Intellectuals demanded an anti-conversion law

New Delhi. Group of intellectuals and academicians demanded to bring about an anti-conversion law to stop unethical, illegal conversions which are on account of allurement or force. Monika Arora, it’s Convener said in a press release, “We also appeal to the Government of Bharat to investigate foreign contributions which are widely suspected to be funding the missionary activities especially in the north-eas ...

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Special on Guru Poornima:Symbol of Divine Trust

India has been following Guru Shishya Parampara since Vedic times. This legacy is spreading all around the globe by several Gurus (Spiritual Teachers) and their Shishyas (Devotees) in modern times. Sadashivsmaarambhaam Shankaracharyamadhyaam | Asmadaacharyaparyartantaam Vande Guru Parampara || Ashada masa of Hindi calendar marks the beginning of monsoon in India. In the spiritual field this corresponds to t ...

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