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07 January/ The real ajatshatru Sh. Laxman Bhide

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L.s.bhideSenior RSS pracharak Shri Laxman Rao Bhide died in Mumbai on January 7. He was 82. He worked to spread the Sangh work overseas. Born on October 1, 1918 at Akola in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra Shri Bhide graduated in Philosophy and Sanskrit from Maurice College of Nagpur. He became full-time RSS Pracharak in 1942. He was first sent to Faizabad in Uttar Pradesh to work for the Sangh. Later he became a Prant Pracharak there. In 1959, he was assigned to work overseas. Shri Bhide travelled over 80 countries around the world to spread the message of Sangh. Later, he became Pashchim Kshetra Pracharak and in 1992 he was appointed president of Deendayal Research Institute (DRI).
He was the guiding spirit behind a number of social organisations including the Akhil Bharatiya Grahak Panchayat, Vishwa Ayurveda Parishad and the DRI. Shri Bhide described as ajatshatru. He lived like a tapasvi and inspired swayamsevaks worldwide. “Following his ideals and fulfilling his unfinished task will be the best tribute to the departed soul,” Bhideji was a foremost follower of the principle- “Service to society is worship to Bharat”.
Sri Kailashnath Tiwari who had been Pracharak at Badayun says,”This incident occurred in 1971. I was deployed as Pracharak of Sahasawan Tahsil. I had a boil on my right leg – a Baltod and was unable to walk. Due to unbearable pain and high fever, I was moaning lying down in the Karyalaya. Then a thin and lean person came in and gently asked me “What is the matter brother?”. I showed him my boil. He said, “Why do you fear for this? I shall treat it immediately”. He sent a Karyakartha to purchase Tukmalanga (a medicinal seed) and was caressing my head. I felt in his gentle touch the affection of my mother. He tied the medicine with a piece of cloth on the boil. Next day he met enquired and assured me “It would be completely cured”. Then slowly he removed the bandage which was full of puss. Because of the touch of that godly person tears of joy were flowing down my cheek. That person was none other than Mananeeya Bhideji”


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  1. During 1967-71 he was also incharge Kshetra prachark of north Bihar(Mithila) with subcentre at Darbhanga and centre at Varansai (after him Ma.Rajju Bhaiya became our kshetra pracharak) and was asked to search of the work in adjoining Nepal(then I was a high school student and had given me a letter and was keen that I studied at Varanasi and had also sent me a prospectus of the Central Hindu Boys’ School ,Kamachha, Varanasi in 1970 to take my admission in XI which I could not due to my illness, Had I gone to Varanasi my life under him would have been much different but yet I tried to follow him to the extent it was possible . Later in 1977, when I started the National Medicos Organisation , he sent me a number of addresses from Nepal and other countries of doctors. At Kathmandu in 1993 I met Dr Yogendra Jha on his reference who had passed out from my college DMC and was a swayamsevak there like Dr.Tulsi Giri who later became a PM of Nepal. PP Guruji Golwalkar used to go to Nepal as part of Bhartvarsh (though he had no passport, and never went abroad, following him still I have not made on this point but now I may).
    It is said that Ma. Bhide ji used to spend some time for the medical hostel of Darbhanga saying these medicos will be doctors and important persons ion future and the continuance of shakha there which I lead after joining there in 1973, was the undercurrent inspirer that I could be able to forge the NMO in 1977. When I met Bhideji at Delhi and requested him to address our Central Executive Committee he addressed it at the Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi on 14.9.1997 but he tried also that KR Malkani then MP could be present there. A great soul and the organiser.I pay my tributes.
    Dr.Dhanakar Thakur, MBBS.MD(Gen Med), DCH, Associate Professor Gen Medicine,RMCH,Bareilly, the founder of the national Medicos Organisation,1977, Antarrashtriya Maithili parishad,1993, Vismil Vichar Manch 2017,etc. dhanakar@ gmail,com, mo.9430141788

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