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16th Ganesha Festival Celebration in Bangkok

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Bangkok. Vishwa Hindu Parishad Association Thailand celebrated the 16th Ganesha festival on September 22–23-24, 2023, at Nimbutr Stadium, Bangkok. Many VIPs, Ministry personnel, Embassy officials, associations, and influencers attended this function.

Thousands of devotees participated and came to pray to Lord Ganesha offering flowers, sweets, and incense to seek blessings.

The festival showcased various cultural performances, including traditional dances and music from Bharat and Thailand.

The painting competitions allowed participants to showcase their artistic skills and creativity, while the no-gas cooking promoted eco-friendly practices and alternative cooking methods.

The participants had a wide variety of food choices, ranging from spicy street food to traditional sweets. Additionally, the shopping zones offered a diverse range of handicrafts, clothing, and souvenirs.

The colorful procession filled the streets with vibrant colors and joyful Thai dancing. The immersion of Lord Ganesha was a grand spectacle, with devotees singing and dancing in celebration.

The 16th Ganesha Festival brought together people from all walks of life, fostering a sense of unity and community. The overwhelming response and positive feedback from attendees have encouraged us to make next year’s festival even bigger and better.

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