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18 percent of the total population contracted the disease within 20 days

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It is reported that 37 million i.e. three crore seventy lakh people were infected with corona in one day of this week in China. This is the first time in the world that so many people have been diagnosed with the disease within a week. In the first 20 days of December, 18 percent of China’s population may have been diagnosed with the disease. The information is contained in reports from a meeting of China’s National Health Commission. The number of confirmed cases of corona disease is increasing every day. According to reports, 40 lakh people will be diagnosed with the disease every day by January.

Variants of Omicron are more prevalent in the population. It is the low immunity that caused the disease to spread so quickly. In the major cities of Sichuan and Beijing, more than half of the population is infected. But there is no information yet on how many people have died due to the disease.

At the same time, London-based research firm Airfinity Ltd says that the spread of the disease in China will reach its peak by March. 42 lakh people are confirmed to be infected every day. Corona is spreading rapidly in the country.

The figures are much larger than the government reports. As per the official reports, 2966 confirmed cases were reported last day.

Report also says that the rising number of cases and deaths itself shows that the Government data are fake. They also shut down the mass testing booths situated in various regions of the Country.

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