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2 Chinese nationals, arrested in Bihar

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Patna, Bihar. Two Chinese nationals have been arrested in Bihar by immigration officials, who noted that they had sneaked into Indian territory through Nepal, for the second time in less than a month.

Assistant Foreigner Regional Registration Officer, SK Singh, revealed that the detainees identified themselves as Zhao Jing and Fu Cong, both from Jaoxing province, China. Upon investigation, it was discovered that they lacked valid travel documents and claimed to have left their passports at a hotel in Birganj, just across the border, where they had stayed the night before.

Using an autorickshaw, they reached the border and attempted to cross on foot. The immigration department official added that, as per records, they had previously tried to sneak into Indian territory on July 2, wherein they asserted that it had been an inadvertent act. At that time, they were released after their passports were stamped with “entry refused.”

However, due to their repeated attempts to enter the region illegally, suspicions were raised, leading the authorities to hand them over to the local police for further investigation and appropriate action.

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