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6 Indian prisoners died in Pakistan in 9 months, MEA says it is Pakistan’s responsibility to ensure safety

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New Delhi. Six Indian prisoners, including five fishermen, died in Pakistani custody in the last nine months, according to the ministry of external affairs (MEA), which described the incidents as ‘alarming.’

The Ministry of External Affairs has said that it is extremely alarming that six Indian prisoners have died in Pakistan’s custody in the last nine months. Six people, including five fishermen, lost their lives. MEA spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said the fishermen died while in illegal Pakistani custody.

Such incidents are frightening. This was brought out by the Indian High Commission in Islamabad.

“These are concerning incidents. Our High Commission in Islamabad has raised the issue. It is Pakistan’s responsibility to ensure the safety and security of Indian prisoners,” added Bagchi.

A 50-year-old fisherman from Gujarat, who was caught in the sea by Pakistan a year ago, died of unknown causes in January. Other fishermen also died in similar circumstances. India has criticized Pakistan’s unacceptable policy of keeping detainees in prison even after the period of incarceration, and also for negligence in providing security.

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