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A Unique Coconut water collection Machine 

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Kolhapur. Shriphal is considered very sacred in our culture and if we take a look around, we will easily notice that coconuts are being offered or grown in all the temples.

We have been getting references of coconuts from more than hundreds of years. Every temple has the special place to crack the coconut and once the coconut is opened, its water is poured there.

The idea that this nectarlike coconut water can be collected and exchanged properly has been developed through the creativity of Datta Sutar, Senior Director of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the team at the Government Technical Institute in Kolhapur.

The approach behind the concept

Coconut water is important for health. However, during local native Jatra, Yatra, Mahi and also on certain days, many coconuts are broken in various temples. Its water is often wasted.

This device is designed to collect this water and use it for patients. Also, he has offered it to the industry sector without taking its patent so that maximum number of citizens can benefit from it.

After cracking the coconut, the water obtained from it is collected by a machine created by Datta Sutar. In terms of health, this coconut water is invigorating for thirst quenching, physical empowerment, kidney cleansing. Also, the temple administration will be able to distribute this water easily to the needy patients and prospective clients.

Datta Sutar, the creator of the device, shared the feeling behind creating the coconut water harvesting device. He said, it takes seven months to produce nutritious water in a coconut.

This water is very useful for human health. Moreover, this water acts like saline for a patient. Keeping this in mind, the coconut water collection device was created. If the industry sector manufactures this device and gives it to big shrines, trusts, temples, it will save the precious coconut water that gets wasted after growing coconuts.

It will help to use that water for food or similar purposes. You can get rid of the shine, dampness and sloppiness caused by it in the temple area.

We go to various temples, in some places coconuts are offered or some coconuts are broken, but no one realizes that after coconuts are grown, then the water should be collected and utilized.

A couple of coconuts is fine, but at least 150 coconuts are broken in a temple. From an observation, it has been realized that more than five lakh coconuts burst in each temple every year (in Western Maharashtra) during various pilgrimages.

From the point of view that so many coconuts are cracked and its water is not collected at all, it was mind boggling to see.

How does the machine work?

* When the coconut is cracked by the machine, not a single drop of water is wasted.

* Water is collected in a tray and by installing a valve, the water is filtered and taken in a bottle.

* Once the coconut is grown, the coconut particles do not go into the water.

* The filter mesh is installed in two places in the water machine. A strainer collects the pure water through the mesh into the tray and through the valves which are fitted into the bottle.

Importance of coconut water

* Coconut water (shahale) is given to the sick person. Coconut water is sweeter than Shahala water.

* If we break coconut at home, four people share a bowl of water and drink it, why? So, everyone should get nutritional values.

* We call coconut as Kalpavriksha. When the equipment was made, the usefulness of coconut tree and water was realized.

* All parts and organs of the coconut tree are useful. None of it is wasted. Precious water was being wasted.

* Research has shown that the properties of coconut water are helpful in cleansing the kidneys. Coconut water has been useful in maintaining the internal cleanliness of the body.

* It is essential for internal and external cleanliness of the body. Coconut water is useful for eyes, skin and hair.

This machine is made entirely using stainless steel. Care is being taken that in the process of whole coconut water collection, no barrier should be there.

This machine is being developed on behalf of Govt. Technology Department. Now enquiry is coming from various places. This device is generally available for Rs.8 thousand.

Separate Machine for Shrines

If there is a demand from big shrines and temples, it is planned to provide complete information about the device at those places. No complicated technology was put into the making of the device. Every devotee who comes will have basic information about how to break a coconut on it, how the water will go down and how to get it. Planning to give demonstration is going on. The team of 10 people is working for that.

So far equipment has been provided to the Mahaganapati temple at Badlapur in Thane district, the Lakshmi temple in Karnataka and the Mahadev temple at Kapashi in Radhanagari.

Since everyone is insisting on getting a patent, the process has been started. But now we have offered this equipment to the industrial sector. Basically, the purpose is to create an industry for the industrial world.

The water collected in the temple is drunk by the people themselves and is distributed to the patients admitted to the hospital. At present there is an increasing demand for it in summer.

Companies producing coconut oil have realized the importance of this water. At Admapur (Kolhapur district) coconut oil is dried. They had not thought about coconut water, as soon as they got information about the device, they are storing coconut water and giving it to the needy.

Devotees enjoy coconut water as prasad where the equipment is provided. Some devotees break coconuts and step aside, some fill bottles. Care is being taken to recycle the bottles too.

At present there is a demand for equipment from Nashik. Any shrine has a huge crowd of devotees. Therefore, keeping in mind the need of the time that this work will not be done by breaking coconuts and collecting water one by one, the work is underway to prepare a device that can break coconuts at least ten devotees at the same time.

A different route for spoil water

The device is designed so that the spoiled coconut water does not flow into the main stream as the valve is installed. The spoiled coconut husk is wet, it is immediately noticeable that the coconut produces gas. At that time care is taken to close the valve immediately. That water does not mix with the previous good water.

Kalpavriksha has numerous benefits. Nature provides everything in abundance; man needs the ability to take it in…

Anjali Tagde,Pune

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