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ABVP Passes a resolution condemning the heinous crimes against women in Sandeshkhali

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Puducherry. The Central Working Committee (CWC) Meeting of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) concluded at Vivekananda CBSE School in Puducherry. Discussions during the meeting encompassed a comprehensive review of educational campaigns and initiatives conducted nationwide, initiatives for educational reforms, and key points were deliberated about forthcoming endeavors shaping ABVP’s future agenda.

In light of the incidents of heinous crimes against women in Sandeshkhali, West Bengal, the committee unequivocally condemned the state government’s apathy and protection of perpetrators by passing a resolution. ABVP’s resolution strongly condemns the government’s failure leading to Sandeshkhali becoming the Noakhali of the 21st century while calling public condemnation against atrocities on women in Sandeshkhali. ABVP will raise the voice of women who have fallen victim to the despicable mentality of TMC leaders in Sandeshkhali. Opposing this incident in educational institutions ABVP will submit a memorandum to the President through the district collectors.

ABVP is set to launch a nationwide ‘Youth Voter Awareness Campaign’ to engage students in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. This campaign aims to ensure active participation of youth in this pivotal democratic exercise by fostering awareness and vigilance. In the CWC Meeting, the discussions revolved around various contemporary issues including education, arts, sports, and environment. Comprehensive and effective strategies were devised to address underlying problems faced by youth, reinforcing Bharatiya values. Bharatiya values pave the way for global welfare, and the youth, embodying these values, play a significant role in nation-building.

ABVP President, Dr. Rajsharan Shahi, stated, “There is an urgent need for immediate reforms in the education sector. It is imperative to stress upon the importance of aligning thoughts towards implementation recognizing the holistic development of students. ABVP will continue its efforts across educational institutions nationwide to ensure higher student participation through initiatives like ‘Parisar Chalo Abhiyan'”.

Yagywalkya Shukla, stated, “We reviewed ABVP’s activities nationwide during the Central Working Committee Meeting. Plans were charted out for the upcoming campaign to empower youth in defining their role in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections and to infuse deeper meaning into this sacred festival of democracy. ABVP stands in solidarity with the women who have fallen victim to heinous crimes against women in Sandeshkhali, West Bengal”.

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