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ABVP – Student for Development karyakartas to plant 1 crore saplings, ABVP to hoist Tricolor in 2 lakh villages on Independence Day

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New Delhi. The three-day meeting of the National Executive Council of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad was completed on 29th May in Shimla. The representative karyakartas from across the country who attended the meeting reviewed the work done in their respective states and proposed the plan for the coming year.

Some important decisions were also taken in the meeting for the coming year, in which a plan was made to plant 1 crore saplings by the karyakartas of Students for Development of ABVP. For this, the process of making ‘Vriksha Mitra’ will be also initiated from 5th June.

Last year, as part of the ‘Amrit Mahotsav of Azadi’, ABVP karyakartas hoisted the Tricolor in more than 1 lakh villages on Independence Day. This year, on completion of 75 years of Independence, ABVP karyakartas will visit 2 lakh villages and hoist the National flag.

After a fruitful discussion during the meeting, all the representatives discussed and decided new action plans and goals for the next year. Contemporary topics were discussed in detail during the brainstorming sessions of the meeting and the suggestions of all the karyakartas were considered with respect to the working direction and expansion of the organisation.

It must be known that ABVP will enter its 75th year of foundation next year and so keeping this in mind with emphasis on organisational strengthening, various plans have been made. Four resolutions were also passed in this meeting in which, the first resolution proposed is to protest against the efforts of the state governments to reduce the autonomy of educational institutions by its increased interference in the state universities. The second proposal is about the current national scenario, in which the ideological opinion was discussed and clarified with respect to the ongoing issues and topics. The third proposal is in the context of the student-centric and future-oriented National Education Policy, which aims towards immediate implementation of the National Education Policy across all the states and an appeal for immediate implementation was made to the students and parents of the states where the National Education Policy is yet to be implemented. The fourth resolution passed is to make India a self-reliant country, in which it was urged to encourage efforts to increase self-reliant efforts in diverse fields along with which youth must be guided with emphasis on the idea of becoming self-reliant.

On the occasion of 75 years of ABVP, an appeal was also made to the youth, in which they were urged and motivated to dedicate some of their time in the interest of the country, leaving behind the discrimination of creed, caste etc.

The student organisation will continue the fight for justice for Lavanya, the girl student who was forced to commit suicide due to the conspiracy of Christian missionaries. In order to strengthen the organisational structure, ABVP will re-launch its campaign “Selfie with Campus Unit” in the month of September. A target was also raised to increase the registration to 1 lakh of ‘Chhatrashakti’, the mouthpiece magazine of ABVP. Considering the present situation of the country, ABVP has also decided to prepare a list of blood donors across the country. Along with this, the dates of some upcoming meetings were also fixed, in which the next national working committee meeting was scheduled to be held in Odisha on 6th-7th August. The National Convention of ABVP will be held in Jaipur from 24th-27th November.

National General Secretary of ABVP, Nidhi Tripathi said, “This meeting of the National Executive Council was very important for us. We were fortunate that this meeting was completed in the natural and peaceful environment of Shimla. Various resolutions were passed and the decisions were taken in this meeting for which, the karyakartas of the student council will be working for the implementation of the programs. Representatives from all over the country have learnt and grasped a lot from this meeting, which will give a new direction to student activism in educational institutions across the country.”

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