करंट टॉपिक्स

Adieu to dear Kuruvila Abraham (Babu chettan) of Kozhencherry

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Kerala (VSK). Kuruvila George, the active worker of Nilakkal agitation, Karseva in Ayodhya and several other nationalistic agitations breathed his last on December 04 at Kozhencherry. A large number of people gathered to bid farewell to Kuruvila Abraham alias Babu chettan (Brother Babu).

Babu chettan had dedicated his entire life for the Hindu cause. His forehead always bore sandal paste tilak; the same time he was a practising Christian and a church goer. Every year he went for Sabarimala pilgrimage, with all ritualistic observances. He was active in Janmashtami Shobhayatras and RSS path-sanchalan. These aspects of life made him a lovable swayamsevak.

Babu started his public life as a swayamsevak in Kozhencherry Shakha in 1980.  He volunteered to go for Karseva in Ayodhya in 1992. He set out as a member of the Karseva team from his home district. The train they travelled was stopped at Jhansi Railway Station and the entire team was arrested and jailed. But, he, along with some other workers, escaped from the custody. Then he wrote a letter to RSS karyalaya in Kozhencherry stating that ‘Am going for Ramkarya, see you again if we are lucky’.

In the aftermath of the happenings in Ayodhya after the Karseva, he walked on the railway track for several days together and at last reached Nagpur by train and then Kozhencherry.

He had actively participated in Nilakkal agitation also and underwent brutal police torture. He belonged to the Mar Thoma Church. He was a unique church goer, thanks to the sandal paste tilak he wore on his forehead.

Babu joined RSS when the propaganda was going on that Christians were against RSS. He had attended RSS training camps like Prathmik Varg and Pratham Varsha Sangh Shiksha Varg. He was the BJP Kozhencherry Panchayat President of BJP for a long time.

Despite health issues, he hoisted the flag on the last BJP foundation day and rendered Vande Mataram. It thrilled the party workers with enthusiasm. He was also active in the activities of Balagokulam, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Ayyappa Seva Samajam and several other Hindu organisations.

Hundreds of people paid last tributes to the departed soul. The body was laid for last view in the deceased’s house and later in Kozhencherry Mar Thoma Church. Funeral took place at Kozhencherry Church cemetery. Parish priest Rev. Father Thomas Mathew led the last rituals.

He is survived by his wife Leelamma. The only child Anita is working as a nurse in UK.

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