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Agni 5- Ballistic missile passed night trials successfully

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Bhuvaneswar/ Delhi. India has been successfully completed the night trials of the 5500 kms long Agni-5 ballistic missile. The Agni-5 fired from Abdul Kalam Island, is a nuclear – capable ballistic missile.

The missile is connected with more advanced and light weight equipments. The defence sector has informed that the DRDO has checked its functioning too. It is found that the distance limit can again be increased if the need arises.

The retire Brigadier Hemanth Mahajan said to the media that including Beijing, the missile can also destruct China and Pakistan. The army officials also opined that if our country faces a nuclear attack, India can retaliate with the help of Agni-5 missile.

Agni–5 can travel with a speed of 29,401 km/hr. It can be deployed to different war sights by road. Agni–5 ballistic missile will be a strong presence in the Indian weapon reserve.


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