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All-inclusive tradition exists only in Bharat

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Poorvottar Sant Manikanchan Sammelan – 2023, North Kamala Bari Satra, Majuli, Assam

Majuli, Assam.

After 1966 Jorhat Sant Sammelan, the “Poorvottar Sant Manikanchan Sammelan – 2023” was held on 28th December in presence of RSS Sarsanghchalak Dr. Mohan Bhagwat Ji at the North Kamla Bari Satra of Majuli, known as the holy “Land of Satras” in Assam.

In this one-day Sant Sammelan, a total number of 104 spiritual leaders belonging to 48 Satras of Assam and 37 different religious institutions and sects from all over the Northeastern states were present.

The main objective of this conference was to pursue coordination, goodwill and harmony among all the different Sanatan spiritual tradition and communities and also, there was a unanimous call for mutual cooperation towards this mission.

In this conference, there was discussion on various issues faced by people of Northeastern region of Bharat and the different sects operating in it. In the Sant Sammelan, Sarsanghchalak Dr. Mohan Bhagwat Ji said that just as every person has a particular nature, similarly every nation has its own unique way of life and the nature of the nation is derived by its culture. The ‘sanskruti’ of Bharat is reflected through “Ekam Sat Vipra Bahudha Vadanti” (Truth is one but it’s revealed by intellectuals differently). This all-inclusive tradition exists only in Bharat. Sarsanghchalak Ji also stressed that in today’s crucial period, Bharat has to stand firm to give this message of peace and coexistence to the whole world. Towards fulfilling this noble task of Bharat, the revered spiritualists and Sants will have to come forward in our society.

Mohan Bhagwat Ji reminded everyone that we all have the same ancestors, also, we all have the same values and we all have to take our unity forward while adhering to our diversity. “Unity is not uniformity, but it is unionness.” He also said that we have to try hard to make our society self-reliant through service, education, healthcare and employment.

He said that there is a great need for national awareness in families to upkeep Bharat’s eternal spiritual values and time-tested customs. He requested all the Dharmacharyas and their Maths and temples to do the work of conveying this great message of Bharat and her best spiritual values ​​to the new generation.

Mohan Bhagwat Ji added, just like what Assam’s Shrimant Shankardev exemplified in his noble life by bringing social reforms, the same way, we all have to eliminate the evils within our society through our benevolent behaviour to eliminate different social evils.

In one-day Sant Sammelan, the prominent among eminent Satradhikars and Dharmacharyas from Northeast Bharat include Shri Chittaranjan Maharaj from Shantikali Ashram of Tripura, Shri Janardan dev Goswami of North Kamlabari Satra, Sri Sri Satradhikar Prabhu from Auni Aati Satra, Dakshin Pat Satra, Garh Mool Satra, Shri Sundaria Satra of Barpeta, Pramukh Bhonte from Namsai Bodhi Vihar, Pramukh Mahant of Parshuram Kund, Arunachal Pradesh, religious leaders from Shrimant Shankardev Sangh, Daloi Shri Puramon Kinjin of Jayantiya Pahad, Meghalaya, Jheliang Rong Hararkka, Bodo Bali Batho Samaj, Rajashree Bhagyachandra Foundation, Manipur, Lakhiman Sangh, Karbi Anglong, Kargu Gamgi Samaj, Arunachal and Assam Sattra Mahasabha, etc. etc were especially present.

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