करंट टॉपिक्स

Amrit Mahotsav – Unsung Hero Gendh Singh

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The Story of Balidani Gendh Singh

He belonged to a zamindar family in Paralkot in Kanker District (Uttar Bastar), however, he laid down his life fighting for the cause of Jal, Jungle and Jameen in the Abhujhmar area. On 24th December, 1824, Gendh Singh declared war against the British, which led to a large army of natives coming to Abhujhmar to fight the British. This massive show of strength on part of the tribals was an alarming situation for the British troops. This battle lasted for a few weeks until 20th January, when Gendh Singh was hanged in his own mansion by the British in Kanker. The lesser-known fact is that Balidani Gendh Singh was the first person in Chhattisgarh to be awarded the death penalty in relation to the freedom struggle. The residential block of BADAL is named after Balidani Gendh Singh.

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