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AMRIT Mahotsavi Varsh of ABVP – 69th National Conference Sets to Course Bharat as Vishwa Mitra for World

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By – Ayadoure S. Stalin

The 69th ABVP National Conference will be held at Indraprastha Nagar, Delhi, on December 7-10, 2023 standing as a testament to the vibrancy and dynamism of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad. This annual gathering will house the largest student congregation in the country, brings together a staggering 10,000 delegates from across Bharat to commemorate the Amrit Mahotsavi Varsh of ABVP. The event is not merely a celebration but a Mahakumbh, but symbolizing a collective endeavour to shape the destiny of Bharat in 2047 through student’s power to envision Bharat as Vishwa Mitra for the globalized and interdependent world, equipped with resilient infrastructures and a harmonious society.

ABVP, founded in 1948, has been pivotal in shaping Bharat’s socio-cultural and educational landscape. As the organization celebrated its Amrit Mahotsavi, marking 75 years of existence, the National Conference became a platform for reflection, introspection, and strategic planning. The conference resonated with the ethos of a Mahakumbh, signifying a sacred gathering to chart the course for the future collectively. With the inspirations derived from the proud Pracharak and Swayamveks of RSS – Dattopant Thengadi, Madan Das Devi, Dattatreya Hosabale, Sunil Ambekar, Milind Marathe, ABVP has shaped its course of student’s activism through Achar, Vichar, and Karyapaddhati to set fundamental tenets that distinguish its activism to call for United and Strong Bharat. In contrast, other student-based activism promoted secessionist agendas when such organizations gloried terrorists like Afzal Guru; on the other hand, ABVP’s clarion to celebrate the ideals of Swami Vivekananda is a case in point to showcase the ABVP’s philosophy is the aspiration to construct an ideal student movement contributing to the broader context of National Reconstruction for in fostering the nation’s holistic growth. In essence, ABVP advocates for robust and non-partisan mass organizations as crucial components of a prosperous society as the growth and development of Bharat is not linked to any political party but the will to serve to arouse from within an individual to envision our nation through decolonization of our thoughts and mind. Furthermore, ABVP underscores that social transformation is a collective responsibility that cannot be entirely delegated to any single entity or government. By staying above partisan politics, ABVP remains steadfast in its commitment to National Reconstruction, particularly within the educational domain, emphasizing that enduring societal change emerges from within the collective consciousness of its citizens.

The 69th National Conference unfolds the Amrit Mahotsavi, a landmark year for ABVP to commemorate the 75 years of precious service to reconstruct Bharat through the idea that “Students are not the citizens of tomorrow but of today”. This anniversary celebrates the ABVP’s rich legacy and the countless individuals transforming them as leaders for this great nation. The conference, therefore, was not merely a routine event but a grand celebration of achievements, a reaffirmation of values, and a commitment to the ideals that have defined ABVP for seven and a half decades. This conference would follow the precedence of adopting three resolutions in every National Conferences of themes – education, society, and contemporary relevance, now being anticipated to define the position of Bharat as a Vishwa Mitra by 2047, recognizing the inevitability of globalization and interdependence in the contemporary world. The term Vishwa Mitra, borrowed from ancient Indian scriptures, encapsulates the essence of a wise and compassionate leader, resonating with the globalized era’s need for harmonious coexistence.

Recognizing that Bharat cannot exist in isolation, ABVP called for a Youth-led movement to harness the conflict in global politics as an opportunity in the previous year’s National Conference at Jaipur. So, the vision of Vishwa Mitra underscored the importance of fostering international collaborations, embracing diversity, and contributing positively to global narratives because the commitment to building a harmonious society was at the Vishwa Mitra vision’s core. The Amrit Mahotsavi Varsh celebration has also opened the gates to pool the ideas of students from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Gujarat to Arunachal to pour in their ideas for charting discussions transcended mere rhetoric, focusing on actionable plans to address socio-economic disparities, uplift marginalized communities, and foster a sense of national unity.

National Conference at Indraprastha Nagar, will be a historic gathering that transcended the boundaries of a routine conference as a Mahakumbh, symbolizing a celebration of past achievements and a collective vision for the future. The Amrit Mahotsavi Varsh provides the perfect backdrop to reflect on ABVP’s journey, and the conference’s theme of Vishwa Mitra encapsulated a forward-looking vision for Bharat in 2047. It is clear that ABVP is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping Bharat’s destiny in the globalized and interdependent world. The conference stands as a beacon with the echoes of ‘student’s power, nation’s power’ that guides the course of Bharat towards resilient infrastructures, a harmonious society, and a leadership role for Bharat on the global stage.

(Autor is National Executive Council member of ABVP)

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