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Anti Hijab Protest in Iran – Iranian Government executes three men

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Reports of executions are yet again coming from Iran, which has now just become a global example of moral policing and enforcing hijab. In light of the recent protests, three men were executed in the central city of Isfahan.

Majid Kazemi, Saleh Mirhashemi and Saeed Yaghoubi were the three individuals who were executed. Three of them had participated in the protest against the custody murder of Mahsa Amini. They were convicted under the charges of ‘Maharibe’ or war against God.

Hundreds of people were killed in the Tehran demonstrations and seven individuals have been executed just for taking part in the demonstration. Iran has the distinction of being the infamous country with the most executions in 2023. The Iranian regime has executed 203 individuals in the past four months.

The Iran Human Rights Organisation released this information in a report to the World Human Rights Organisation (WHRO). There is a widespread opposition to the Iranian government’s plan to kill people on blasphemy accusations. In 2022, 528 individuals were executed and 333 in 2021.

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