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Anti-Vizhinjam Port Stir Moves to Ugly; Police Station Attacked, Policemen seriously injured…

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Going against the assurance given to the High Court on November 22, the Latin Catholic Church-led anti Vizhinjam Port agitators turned more violent than November 26. A mob attacked Vizhinjam police station and intruded into. They attacked the police men and officers. 25 policemen are injured; conditions of nine policemen and officers are very serious. One officer sustained serious head injury and another cop’s leg broken seriously and he was seen with profuse bleeding. The attackers destroyed the wireless sets in the station. Police lathi-charged the violent agitators and used tear gas twice.

Yesterday the agitators blocked the lorries bringing granites to the port construction site. Then came the pro-port groups to prevent the blockers.

Consequently, both factions fought each other. It is reported that nine cases have been registered. According to media reports FIR says, Arch Bishop and other priests met and planned the violent agitations. About 1,500 people took part in the violence. FIR consists of charge against illegal congregation, public property destruction, and carrying of lethal weapons.

The agitators attacked media persons and broke their cameras and other paraphernalia.

Electronic media did telecast the voice message one of the Latin Catholic priest asking the believers to take to the street in large numbers and to ring the church bell if necessary to mobilise the people.

CPM and BJP have been alleging that there are suspected involvement of some foreign hands behind the anti-port agitations. BJP believes that there is sinister designs to block the country’s economic development.

Even though High Court had directed that the agitators should compensate the loss deriving from the public property destructions, CPM supremo and Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has not given any proper instruction to the police to kill the tension and violence. Even though hours are over since the police station attack, still the police force does not appear to have received any proper order to handle the situation.

Once the construction is over, Vizhinjam Port will be the deepest port in the whole country. It is going to pave the way for mega goods movements. It is close to the sea route to Far Eastern ports. Therefore, the completion of the port construction is going to be the shot in the arm for the economy of the entire country in general and Kerala in particular. Adani Group, who had got the contract to construct Vizhinjam Port though legitimate procedures, was supposed to hand over the completed port to the authorities in December 2022. But, hardly 60 % work has been completed. And, since the last few months construction activities are stopped due to the agitations.

Even though several meetings have taken between the leaders of the agitators and the Kerala ministers, it looks like government failed to convince the other party about the importance of the completion of the project constructions.

Still people are congregating in front of the police station. No one knows what is government’s plan to pacify the situation during this middle of the night. Vizhinjam witnesses worst sort of anarchy.

Hindu Aikya Vedi Working President Valsan Thillankerry visited the injured people and the area enveloped with tension. He said, the natives will have to resist the anti-national activities taking place in the name of the anti-port agitation. Unfortunately, government equate the people who stands for the country’s interests and those who stand for anti-national interests. Thillankaerry said, the agitators are coming from distant places, they do belong to the project area.

BJP president K. Surendran accused, the reason for the worst atmosphere in Vizhinjam is due to the blatant failure of police. Despite the High Court directives, Kerala Government is soft to the violent protesters.

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