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Apart from swayamsewaks, bring the society too, under the gatividhi repertoire – Dr. Mohan Bhagwat

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Swayamsewaks should conduct their family meetings weekly

Jaipur. RSS Sarsanghchalak on Sunday, held talks with the gatividhi shreni office bearers of Jaipur prant, stressing upon to work in the field of social harmony, go sewa, DNT community, village upliftment, environment conservation and family guidance. He wished that communication in the family should improve and weekly meetings should commence as a result of our parivar prabodhan gatividhi. He also counseled that the ethic of social harmony be engrossed in the family values. The congregation discussed on various such small but significant ways to engage families.

On his two day Jaipur visit, the Sarsanghchalak conversed in two sessions with the gatividhi karyakartas. He heard about the experiences of gatividhi works during COVID time and also enquired for the relief work done for the marginalised and needy among the populace.

He mentioned that there is nothing novel in the concept of the gatividhis, as persons with relevant interests can already be found doing such works, who can be taken along to accelerate the pace. He highlighted the need for a coherent atmosphere for the same.

Gatividhi work is to be done amongst the society which directly impacts their behavior, and if 15 lakh swayamsewaks begin with their families, social awakening is not far away, he said.

Dr. Bhagwat underlined the importance of weekly family meetings and noted that the enthusiasm to join Sangh has grown among all the sections. These people can be easily associated with the gatividhi work and made swayamsewaks, he added. Gatividhi work can also contribute to thwart anti-national activities, he noted.

Considerable work has been done for the DNT community in Jaipur and Rajasthan’s other parts as well, about which the Sarsanghchalak was informed of and ways to expedite it were discussed. As per further discussions, yearlong activities in the field of employment, education and family counselling are to be undertaken through each gatividhi. Each family should vow initiatives for SUP eradication, tree plantation and water conservation, as conferred in the meeting. Sewa Path, a souvenir elaborating the relief works done for the DNT community during the pandemic time, was presented to the Sarsanghchalak by the regional office bearer of the gatividhi.


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