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Appointment of Associate Professor is not kidding

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Kannur. Kerala High Court on November 15, 2022 asked Kannur University if they had assessed the qualifications of Priya Varghese, wife of K.K. Ragesh, CPM leader and Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s PA.

Court felt that there is no clarity in it. Few weeks back Court had stayed Priya’s appointment as she lacked the qualifications stipulated by UGC. Court said that “appointment of Associate Professor is not kidding”. Court raised the above question during the detailed arguments in connection with the petition challenging Priya’s appointment. University Registrar faced severe criticism from the Court. Court pointed out the flaws in the affidavit submitted by the Registrar. Court asked what parameters were applied in the assessment of the Priaya’s qualifications.

It is in this context that Court said, this appointment is not “kidding”. It has a lot to do with the future of the students. Associate Professor is a position which should be shouldered by professors with long and rich teaching experience. And, a teacher who lacks such experience is appointed there. Court wondered what is the base for such an appointment. Court said that teachers are ‘nation builders’.

Petition was filed by Dr. Joseph Scaria who got second rank in the list. He alleged that Priya has got only five years teaching experience. Experience after obtaining the doctorate alone is valid as the teaching experience hence how come she was appointed despite lacking ten years teaching experience.

Blatant nepotism is behind this appointment. Still University spends tax payers’ money for supporting the shady appointment.

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