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Army and Assam Rifle rescue 75 Meitei women volunteers from an attack by heavily armed Kuki militants

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In a fierce battle with suspected Kuki militants at midnight on May 18, the Assam Rifles successfully led the rescue and evacuation of around 75 Meira Paibis (Meiteis). During an intense attack by armed miscreants that lasted over two hours, the security forces demonstrated remarkable dominance and ensured the safety of all civilians involved. An Assam Rifles spokesperson confirmed that the security forces repelled the misadventure by delivering heavy fire and safeguarding the villagers in Uyok.

According to reports, Kuki militants targeted the unarmed female village volunteers of Meitei villages, known as Meira Paibis, in Uyok village, located in the downhill region of Bishnupur district. The vigilant Assam Rifles spotted movements of armed militants in the hill areas on the night of May 18. As the militants approached the buffer zone with intentions to target the Meitei women volunteers, the situation escalated quickly. Around 10:30 PM, the heavily armed militants initiated an attack on the women’s group.


The Assam Rifles responded immediately, mobilising their forces and deploying heavy firearms, including 81mm mortars and other sophisticated weapons. The gunfight continued until 1 AM, ending only when the militants fled after facing intense retaliation from the security forces. As a result, 75 women volunteers were safely rescued by the Assam Rifles from the perilous firing site.

An Assam Rifles spokesperson reiterated their commitment to restoring normalcy and maintaining law and order in Manipur. “The Indian Army & Assam Rifles continue to stay steadfast in their resolve to bring normalcy in Manipur and maintain law & order,” the spokesperson stated.

Courtesy – Organiser Weekly

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