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Arrogance All The way..!

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Chennai. During electioneering there may be accusations and counter accusations, personal attacks etc. Some politicians may threaten the bureaucrats/ officials etc. But in Tamil Nadu even before the nomination process is over candidates/prospective candidates, belonging to the main opposition DMK make arrogant speeches, instigate lawlessness/violence.

Former Minister and sitting MLA, of DMK, in an election meeting, was heard saying that everyone can go with a bullock cart and mine sand, once May 2, 2021 passes by (being the date of poll results). The point is, now sand mining is banned in the state. He added, atrociously, if any official challenged them, he would meet with dire consequences.

The DMK party, as UPA partner, was instrumental in the introduction of NEET, but now opposes it. It gives a false assurance that, if voted to power, DMK would scrap NEET. One of the candidates has gone further and assured the students all assistance for copying (cheating) and other malpractices while writing the NEET test, if it could not be scrapped.

In the guise of supporting inter caste marriage, DMK encourages adventurism. The state, already, has been witnessing organized blackmailing, of parents of boys/girls by certain fringe groups with connivance of registration/police officials. In its manifesto S No 259, DMK has raised the cash assistance to Rs 60,000 (Rs sixty thousand only) and eight gms of 22 carot gold coin, in leiu of “mangala sutra”.  This will not help the genuine couples who need social/legal support and livelihood.

The state has seen land grabbing, lawlessness, and rowdy raj during earlier DMK rule. The 10 year “vanvaas”, out of power, has not refined the party. On the contrary, the party is hoping to win the election, by hook or crook, to restore its “Goonda Raj”.  Hope the TN electorate will vote judicially.

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