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Atrocities on minorities in Pakistan – 9-yr-old Hindu minor girl abducted, converted & married to her 45-yr-old Muslim abductor

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Sindh. In a horrifying forced religious conversion in Pakistan, a 9-year-old Hindu minor girl in Sindh was forcibly abducted, converted to Islam, and married to a 45-year-old Muslim abductor.

A video has been surfacing on social media in which a 9-year-old named Reshma is scared and is being taken to a Sufi Dargah for conversion. She was forcefully married to Wazir Hussain, a 45year old Muslim abductor from Jacobabad, in Sindh.

Earlier, abduction and forced conversion of 6 Hindu girls in different areas of Sindh province in Pakistan was reported in a single day this month.

At least 1000 Hindu girls are abducted, converted to Islam and forced to live as sex slaves every year in Sindh province alone.

This brutal genocide of a helpless minority is completely ignored by international bodies, especially the Western-run human rights groups and governments. America and its allies are currently demonizing Bharat for an ‘impending Muslim genocide’, but ignoring the actual genocide going on in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Neither has the secular Republic of India bothered to raise this issue as effectively as it should.

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