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Attacks on Hindus through religious processions are unacceptable – Dr. Surendra Jain

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New Delhi. Central Joint General Secretary of VHP Dr. Surendra Jain has condemned the violence perpetrated across the country by a section of the society on the occasion of Muharram, saying that this violent behaviour is a matter of concern for the entire civilized society. At some places the Kaanwadiyaas were attacked and at some places other Hindus were attacked. In Delhi’s Nangloi, not only the police, buses, cars, scooters and motorcycles passing by were attacked, but also innocent and unsuspecting Hindus were struck with sticks and stones. Due to this, not only vehicles were damaged there, but dozens of Hindus and policemen also were injured. VHP condemns this inhuman violence in the strongest terms.

A special strategy and pattern is visible in these agenda-driven attacks. For these attacks, minor children are kept in the front, so that even if the juvenile offenders are caught, they can come out after getting a minor punishment in jail. It is clearly obvious that this is happening under a well-planned conspiracy. First, some leaders and clerics of the Muslim community instigate violence on one pretext or the other, and then when caught, an army of most expensive lawyers is lined up.

Dr. Jain said that the country is being harmed by these conspiracies. It is also suicidal for the community itself. They are leading their young generation towards degeneration and ruin, not refinement, enlightenment, development and progress. Police administration will also have to reassess its role.

He asked whether or not Hindus have the right to celebrate their festivals peacefully? Will they have to always remain apprehensive and bothered due to the probability of possible attacks on them on Muslim festivals? This Yaksh Prashn is also imperative for those politicians who keep trying to goad and incite them with one pretext or the other for the sake of vote bank politics!

VHP appeals to these pseudo-secularist politicians and Muslim leaders that they should reevaluate their roles. What kind of society do they want to build? Society should not be divided on the occasion of festivals, rather they should be celebrated together. This divisive and centrifugal mindset is fatal for all sections of the society. All together should stop this mentality, and not these selfish leaders and clerics should cheer and boost it for their vested interests.

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