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Bajrang Dal launches “Join Bajrang Dal Abhiyan”

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New Delhi. Today the Bajrang Dal is the source of inspiration for crores of Hindu youth. This is the reason why the youth of the country are joining Bajrang Dal with great pride and self-esteem and more of them are making searches to join it. VHP Central Secretary General Milind Parande said, today we are launching the nationwide drive under the banner of ‘Join Bajrang Dal Abhiyan’ in order that it becomes easier for the youth of the country to join this organization and make their proactive contributions for the cause of protection, preservation and promotion of the Desh-Dharma-Sanskriti. Under this, Hindu youth in the age group of 15 to 35 years can go at their earliest possible to our official website www.vhp.org and by clicking the ‘Join Bajrangdal’ icon upload the necessary information. Our Karyakartas will then get in touch with them as soon as possible, and based on the interest, abilities, skills and availability of time in the hands of the approaching youth, try to tie them up with the work matching their aptitude and temperament for the cause of Rashtra and Dharma.

The VHP Secretary General said that besides youths in great numbers having joined the Bajrang Dal taking inspiration and leads from the organization’s training camps, ongoing service activities, weekly assembly centres and Balopaasana (Physical Culture) centres, innumerable other youths of the country have also been making searches on the digital platforms to join the Bajrang Dal. To facilitate registration of millions of interested Hindu youth with the Bajrang Dal from their homes itself and remote places, the organization is going to provide them with various practical inviting avenues. Now Hindu youth will be able to easily join the Bajrang Dal through the ‘Join Bajrangdal’ digital platform at www.vhp.org”.

On this occasion, the National Convener of Bajrang Dal, Neeraj Doneria said that the Bajrang Dal, founded on the motto of ‘Sewa, Suraksha and Sanskar’, shall now also infer from it the Mantras of ‘Dev-Bhakti to Desh-Bhakti’, ‘Women’s Honour to National Honour’, ‘No Exodus, but Valour’ and bring the youth of Bharat to identify with, internalise and practise it. The great youth icon Swami Vivekananda said, “My countrymen should have nerves of steel, muscles of iron, and minds like thunderbolt.” Taking the cue, we will train our youth meticulously on these lines, so that they grow strong physically, mentally, intellectually and spiritually with all courage, valorous outlook and bearings.”

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