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Bengaluru – Orphanage run by Salma & Shameer, trafficking girls to Gulf nations, claims NCPCR    

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An inspection led by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) Chairman in Karnataka’s Bengaluru unearthed a web of illicit activities involving a mosque, an illegal orphanage, and alleged human trafficking to Gulf countries. He informed about the development on his official social media handle along with videos, adding that at least twenty young girls were present there.

They were kept in total isolation and were not even allowed to join school. The children’s home is devoid of windows or skylights and the girls are confined behind its four walls. Some of them who went to school before coming to the house have also stopped attending. During the conversation, they revealed that Salma, the woman in charge of the property and who took care of them, arranged their relationships in Kuwait. Preliminary conversations suggested that this is where Gulf countries recruit females for human trafficking under the guise of marriage.

Salma and her supervisor Shameer summoned their goons who intended to start a brawl during the investigation when it was time to present the little girls before the Child Welfare Committee (CWC). One of the them made a phone call to someone and asked to announce the mosque to assemble a crowd after the cops intervened and managed to subdue the gang.


Priyank Kanoongo added, “We have arrived at the police station on the police’s recommendation and with consideration for the security of the women officers. Hoodlums are waiting for us outside the Sampigahalli police station in Bangalore North-East, where we are currently present. The police have declined to file a First Information Report. Appeasement has caused the Karnataka government to submit to the crooks”.

Priyank Kanoongo can be seen confronting a man in the footage while some females with their faces covered are also visible in an adjacent room. He is challenging Priyank Kanoongo for not coming with any information or due notification to which the latter responded, “It is in our authority to search and visit information or notification. You are nobody to ask us. Who are you?” The man claimed that he was a member of the Masjid Federation.

Priyank Kanoongo directed the cops to take the individual to the police station and file an official complaint against him. He tried to resist the police official but Priyank Kanoongo lashed at him for interrupting the probe. Priyank Kanoongo asked the police officials to rescue every child. Two bearded men then can be spotted talking to the cops while standing outside the place.

Bengaluru City police replied to the post and wrote, “We have informed to concerned police officers for necessary action. In case of distress/emergency situation, dial 112.” It also tagged Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) North East, Sampigehalli Police and Sampigehalli BSP.

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