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Bengaluru Riots – Citizens for Democracy submits fact finding report to CM

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Bengaluru. Citizens for Democracy (CFD) submitted Fact Finding Report to Hon’ble CM, Karnataka. Hon CM, B S Yeddyurappa assured to convene a meeting with Home Minister, DGP and Commissioner of Police and initiate appropriate action immediately.

The members of the committee have visited the affected place and spoken to public and families of affected. Their detailed report throws more light on the incident.

On Aug 11, 2020 Bengaluru’s Deevara Jeevana Halli (DJ Halli) and Kadu Gondana Halli (KG Halli) witnessed riots in which are parts of the assembly constituency of Pulakeshinagar, an SC reserved constituency. MLA Akhanda Srinivasamurthy’s house, Naveen’s house as well as the local police station were set afire.

Citizens For Democracy (CFD) a platform of responsible citizens committed to democratic values, safety and security of the citizens of India, constituted a Fact Finding Committee to uncover the plot behind the riots. The Committee was chaired by a Retd. Judge Srikanth Babaladi, and consisted of retired bureaucrats, journalists, advocates, professors and social workers as its members. The members were, Madan Gopal, Retd IAS, Dr. R Raju, Retd. IFS, Dr. Prakash, Retd. IRS, M N Krishnamurthy, Retd. DGP, RK Mattoo, Journalist, Santhosh Thammaiah, Journalist, Dr. M Jayappa, Professor, Dr. HT Aravinda, Professor, Muniraju, Social worker, Kshama Nargund, Advocate, Jerome Anto, Social worker.

VSK Bharat has received the copy of the report. Below are the salient observations from the committee –

  • That theriots were pre-planned and organised.
  • The mob has specifically targeted certain prominent Hindusin the area.
  • That the entire incident qualifies to be a riot against the statewith the motive of reducing the faith of common people in the State.
  • It could be seen from the FIRs and certain interactions with the victims, that Local people were also involved in carrying out this riot. The committee is of the opinion that thelocals were not only involved in execution but were also awareabout it in advance.
  • Despite attempts being made to project the same aspolitical rivalry,it was undoubtedly communally motivated. The Committee is of the opinion that based on the kind of houses that have been attacked and people who have been targeted, the motive of the riots could also be fear mongering so as to change the demography and turn the area into a Muslim majority one.
  • The Committee is of the opinion that SDPI and PFI are involved in planning and executionof this incident.

The Committee has a set of recommendations to the State Government –

  • All the costs that have been incurred by the State and private persons have to be recovered by attaching the property of the rioters.
  • The pattern of the riots is common with that of Delhi and Sweden. Therefore, it is imperative for the state to investigate the incident holisticallyand not consider them to be isolated and local.
  • The fundingreceived by individuals and religious extremist organisations who are involved in anti-social activities be tracked and continuously monitored by involving the NIA.
  • Potential areas that might face such communal tensions must be identified by the Police in advance and short-term and long-term plans must be made to curb such tensions.
  • Cyber dome must be established so as to ensure that Social Media is not used for hate mongeringagainst any religion, race, class, sect etc.
  • It is recommended that drug menace be curbedwith iron fists.
  • It is further recommended that intelligence generation mechanisms have to be strengthened by the Police at various levels so as to prevent the occurrence of any such riots.
  • With the abolition of Section 66A of Information Technology Act, 2000, a mechanism has to be evolved to prevent and prosecute derogatory, abusive and hate contenttargeting any religion, race, class, organisation or sect of people.



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