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Bharat will miss visionary Poojaneey Mahant Yogi Avaidyanath ji

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Mehant Adwaitnath BrahmleenNew Delhi. Poojaneey Mahant Yogi Avaidyanath ji, Head of Gorakshpur (Gorakhpur) Dharma Peeth and a long time pillar of Ram Temple movement, left this world on the night of September 12. Paying him an emotional tribute, VHP International Working President, Dr Pravin Togadia said, “Param Poojaneey Mahant Yogi Avaidyanath ji has been an inspiration of lakhs of people like me.

Dr. Togadia said, “ When not many were coming ahead to protect Hindu Dharma from various socio-political attacks, Mahant ji stood strong like a rock behind Hindus. He was the 1st President of the ‘Dharmasthaan Mukti Yagna Samiti’ established by the Dharmasamsad in Delhi in 1984. This Committee was established to free Kashi, Mathura & Ayodhya temples from the invaders’ encroachment. Mahant ji, while leading Gorakshnath Mutt to today’s glory, also stood for Samarasta (Cohesive Society) insisting and emphasising on eradicating untouchability from Bharat. I met him many times & whenever we met, I learnt a new dimension of the aspects I knew. He had a mother’s love in his heart & a warrior’s fire in his belly. Bharat will miss him; Hindus will miss him. The real tribute to Poojaneey Mahant Yogi Avaidyanath ji would be to build Bhagwan Shreeram’s grand temple at Ayodhya at the earliest & to join in the Samarasta Movement to create a cohesive Bharat, safe for all Hindus as One.”

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