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Bharat will win battle against Covid-19 with positivity, strong mind and steely resolve

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‘Hum Jitenge-Positivity Unlimited’ lecture series starts with address by Sadguru and Munishri Pramansagar ji

Bharat will win battle against Covid-19 with positivity, strong mind and steely resolve, say Spiritual leaders

New Delhi. ‘Hum Jitenge- Positivity Unlimited’, a five-day lecture series of prominent personalities was launched today with Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev ji and Pujya Jain Munishree Pramansagar calling upon the Bharatiys society to keep a strong resolve and avoid panic, fear, frustration and anger to win the battle against Covid-19. Both the spiritual leaders expressed confidence that Bharatiya society has the resilience to meet any challenge including the present one. They emphasized that the most important thing to do right now is to maintain a positive attitude.

Addressing the nation, Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev ji said, “..panic, frustration, fear, anger, none of these things are going to help us because this is not a time for grandstanding. This is not a time to point fingers at each other. This is a time to stand up. Not even as one nation, as one humanity.”

He further added, “It’s very important for all of us to continue our work to the extent possible because crippling the whole activity in the country or in the world is not the answer, because that’s going to take a much bigger toll on us. So it’s very important to what extent, whatever the nature of work we are doing, to what extent we can keep it on without coming close to people, without getting infected, (this) is a fundamental responsibility.”

“This is a time to dig and dig yourself deep into the roots of the culture which has invested so heavily into inner well-being. At least the Indians should set the example. No matter what happens in our lives… We will stay peaceful. We will come through any kind of situation that is thrown to us, either by earthly whiteness or the aliens. We will come out of it successfully. This is something we need to demonstrate to the world. In many ways, the world is looking towards India for this,” said Sadguru.

In his address, Pujya Jain Munishree Pramansagar said, ““I want to give a message to the people having Covid-19 infection that the first and the foremost thing is to have a strong resolve that they would come out of it .   Getting this disease doesn’t mean that one is going to die. Have a strong and steely resolve and you would be able to defeat this disease in no-time”

“Have a spiritual insight  and tell yourself that this is a physical disease and not related to your mind.  There are many treatments for if your body is ailing but there is no treatment for an ailing mind deep. So don’t let this physical disease overpower your mind,” he said

“Nothing can happen to a person with a strong mind. I agree that no one is immortal but we don’t have to die just like that. People get scared when they test Covid positive. They think that they are not going to make it. Along with the patient, the family members also start panicking. This panic results in a mess. The patient and the family members should have patience. A disease has come but it will go away also. You can see that most of the infected people are coming out of it safely. The death rate is only around 1.5 per cent. The second wave is more scary but what needs to be done is to maintain caution and be alert,” added Munishree Praman Sagar ji.

This lecture series has been organised by Covid Response Team (CRT), an initiative of civil society with multiple stakeholders including  religious, spiritual, business, philanthropic and social organizations is organizing a lecture series  titled ‘Positivity Unlimited’ to spread positivity in the society  amdist the challenge posed by Covid-19 for Bharatiya society.

The lecture series is being broadcast over more than 100 media platforms everyday at 4:30 pm from May 11 to May 15. On May 12, spiritual guru and founder of The Art of Living, Sri Sri Ravishankar,noted philanthropist Sh. Azim Premji and noted social worker Padmashree Nivedita Bhide ji, Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari, will address the nation as a part of this lecture series.



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