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Bhojshala – ASI discovers murtis of Hindu gods and more than 79 artefacts from the closed room

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On the 80th day, the Central Archaeology Department team conducted a survey in Dhar Bhojshala, Madhya Pradesh. The ASI team worked diligently from morning until evening. On June 9, they uncovered over 79 artefacts, including various small and large remnants, among which were several murtis of gods and goddesses.

On June 9, the Hindu party hailed the day as historical, as a remarkable number of artefacts were unearthed during the survey at Bhojshala.

On the 80th day of the survey, the team of the ASI opened the closed room. According to the Hindu side, about 79 remains have been found, including the murtis of Bhagwan Ganesha, Maa Vagdevi, Maa Parvati, Maa Mahishasura Mardini, Hanuman, murtis of gods and goddesses, and Shankh Chakra Shikhar with Sanatani figures.

The 8 by 10 feet closed room was unveiled in the presence of both the parties. Videography and photography of the room were also done. The petitioner of Hindu Front for Justice, called it the biggest achievement so far. He said that the closed room under ASI was opened. After removing the floor, the soil was removed. The first murtis found in the room were of Bhagwan Ganesha, Maa Parvati, Mahishasura Mardini and Hanuman. Some murtis are one and a half feet tall, while some are two to two and a half feet tall.

Remains also found near the northern side and Yagyashala: During the soil levelling in the northern part, about six remains, including the base of the pillar and the middle part, have been found. Six big Sanatani remains have also been found while removing soil from the marked place near the Yagyashala on the inside. ASI included these in the investigation. The trench made around Bhojshala is also being closed by filling it with soil. The remains found on Sunday are certified and are the highest number found in a day in the survey conducted so far.

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