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Blow to the communists damaged them severally

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Kochi, Kerala (VSK): Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan challenged the very existence of Pinarayi Vijayan lead Kerala rule and the communist party which he leads. Though it is a secret fact that red communists and green Jihadis are in a secret pact, Governor established the relation between them by giving a common tag as ‘ideologies originated outside India.’ Now the uncommon press conference and revelations by a Governor against his own government and ruling party and the revelations by him is become a major ideological and fundamental issue. Now people identify the communists and their government have some un holly aim against the interests of its own people.

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He made fun of CPM leaders, demonised their ideology. These are the words of Arif Mohammad Khan – “Don’t you feel any sense of shame that the convenor of the ruling party (convener of LDF, the Left Democratic Party, E P Jayarajan) was barred from flying for attacking two people inside a plane.”

“One minister trashed the Constitution publicly and was removed from the Council of Ministers. Another former minister challenges the territorial integrity of India using Pakistan’s language. Do you think these incidents are merely lapses on the part of these individuals? No, this is how they are indoctrinated in their training camps,” he said. Without using the word Terrorists, he meant it, and conveyed it to the mass.

He recorded his comments on CPM’s ideology in these words. “There are certain ideologies that have originated outside India and they believe in the legitimacy of the use of force to silence dissent, stifle differences of opinion and liquidate those whom they consider their class enemies, those they consider class enemies were those who hold a different political view.

The issues in between Governor and the CPI(M) lead government have a long history. The CPM governments, criticising governor and frightening them is a practise here and the trick failed miserably. So, the war become worst and at last he held an official press conference at Rajbhavan. He raised more than 5 major issues and asked 20 plus question to the government and chief minister. Though a dozen of state ministers and leaders reacted and shouted against governor, none answered a single question till now. Some CPM leader alleged that governor become mad and need treatment. Some said he is medically unfit for the governor post. But the important questions he raised un answered. The nepotism by the CM, his actions against oath, attempt control the Rajbhavan, attempt to the life of governor etc are some of the main issues.

He alleged the intelligence failure at the Kannur historical congress meeting and the mishappening there in presence of historian Prof. Irfan Habeeb. “They had come prepared with over 100 placards, big ones. Tell me, is there anything spontaneous about this? Can you prepare so many placards in 5-10 minutes?” the Governor asked.

He suspected the role of the present personal secretary of CM K K Ragesh whose wife’ appointment at university made a hue and cry during the historical congress and aftermath issue. “He (Ragesh) rises from the seat, goes down to where the fracas is happening and stops the police from acting. The police wanted to do their duty but Ragesh stopped them. He left the stage even before I could finish my speech,” the Governor said.

“Possibly, this could be why he was rewarded,” the Governor said, hinting that Ragesh was given the post of the Chief Minister’s private secretary as a prize for plotting the attack on the Governor.

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