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Book – “Man of Millennia – Dr. Hedgewar”

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“Man of Millennia – Dr. Hedgewar” published by Suruchi Prakashan is an English translation by Anil Nene of the book “Dr. Hedgewar Charitra” written by Nana Palkar in Marathi. Nana Palkar’s work is the most authentic biography of the founder of RSS Dr. Keshav Baliram Hedgewar. The book has been considered as a basic reference material by researchers, scholars, journalists and all those who want to understand the vision and mission of Dr. Hedgewar and its progressive unfoldment.

Dr. K. B. Hedgewar – 1889 to 1940 was a visionary leader, a master organiser as well as a dedicated patriot who started the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh in 1925. The organisation has brought about the onset of this atmosphere of national resurgence into the Bharatiya society. His biography is available in almost all Bharatiya languages. Every scholar, researcher or thinker who wants to analyse the rise of Bharat in 21st century has to take into account the impact on the Bharatiya National Life created by Dr. Hedgewar through the work of RSS.

The book takes the reader through many notable incidents in Dr. Hedgewar’s life – his childhood, his role in freedom movement, higher studies, active role with fellow revolutionaries, formation of RSS, expansion of the organisation, the challenges he faced, his unparalleled effort in inspiring the swayamsevaks and more.

For the English readers in Bharat and the global audience, ‘Man of the Millennia: Dr. Hedgewar’ is the ‘go to’ book as it was originally authored by a Pracharak who not only had opportunities to meet Dr. Hedgewar personally but also internalized the vision-in-action laid down by the fountainhead of the RSS.

Just three months before the launch of the book, Dr. Anil Nene passed away. This was a huge contribution by him for the national cause.

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