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Canada designates ‘November’ as Hindu Heritage month

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In a recent update the House of Commons has given its nod for the proposal to celebrate ‘November’ as Hindu Heritage month in Canada. The news was made public on Twitter by Canadian MP Chandra Arya. The proposal too was presented in the House of Commons by Arya.

The Member of Canadian Parliament, Chandra Arya, recently took it to Twitter to inform everyone about the bill for celebrating November as ‘Hindu Heritage Month’ being passed. He said in his tweet, “Historic: House of Commons unanimously passed my Private Members Motion to proclaim every year November as the national Hindu Heritage Month. This is a long overdue Canadian recognition of contributions of Hindu Heritage to the mankind and of Hindu-Canadians to our country.”

The MP further tweeted in another tweet, “I hope this will motivate Hindu-Canadians to continue on their growth path in Canada and reach further higher levels in all spheres of Canadian society/life: economy or business; academic or culture; politics or philanthropy.”

Chandra Arya, at the event organized to celebrate International Gita Mahotsav had urged the govt to consider his private member’s bill to celebrate November as Hindu Heritage Month and said, “the Canadian government should recognize the contributions that Hindu Canadians have made to the socio-economic development of Canada and their services to Canadian society.”

Earlier, Arya had alarmed the Canadian govt about increasing incidents of Hindu hate crimes in the country and urged the parliamentarians to take the necessary remedial measures to address the issue. He had said at the House of Commons that, “Hindu Canadians are legitimately concerned about the rising Hinduphobia in Canada. I urge all levels of govt to note this.”

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