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    Resetting India’s national security vision – 1

    Time for a new security doctrine based on vision of Vir Savarkar-Subhash Chandra Bose and an honest admission that Gandhiji did greats things for India but his ideology of complete non-violence and Hindu-Muslim unity at Hindu cost did much damage to the nation and is bedeviling It even today. By Uday Mahurkar There comes a moment in the destiny of a nation when it should accept the ultimate truth howsoever ...

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    Drone scientist – Mom sells Jewellery for Flight, Son Bags Gold in Japan Inspiring story of Pratap in achieving against all odds

    New Delhi. Pratap, all of 22, has achieved what many only dream of. Pratap won the 1st prize at a Drone competition in Japan, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi has honoured him with an award and has asked DRDO to absorb him for his inventions in Drone technology. Pratap's accomplishments have been talk of the town and have inspired many youngsters to persevere and achieve their dreams. However, Pratap's path ...

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    Swadeshi is not a slogan or just a campaign – V. Bhagaiah

    New Delhi. Sah Sarkaryavah of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh V. Bhagaiah ji has said that Swadeshi is not a slogan or just a campaign, but it is the basis of overall eco system promoting peace, prosperity and security. Following the current economic model of development, structures have been created for indiscriminate exploitation of nature for the consumption of humans, due to which world has been experiencin ...

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    Phobos imaged by MOM on 1st July

    New Delhi. Mars Colour Camera (MCC) onboard Mars Orbiter Mission has imaged Phobos, the closest and biggest moon of Mars, on 1st July when MOM was about 7200 km from Mars and at 4200 km from Phobos. Spatial resolution of the image is 210 m. This is a composite image generated from 6 MCC frames and has been color corrected. Phobos is largely believed to be made up of carbonaceous chondrites. The violent phas ...

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    Swami Vivekananda’s vision of Self Reliant India

    Swamiji says “On one Side new India is saying, "If we only adopt Western Ideas, Western language, Western Food, Western Dress, and Western manners, we shall be as strong and powerful as the Western nations; on the other, old India is saying , 'Fools ! By imitation of other’s idea it never become one's own; nothing unless earned, is your own.’’ Nikhil Yadav The Covid-19 crisis has fragile the rigid, unyieldi ...

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    #अब_चीनी_बंद – To Buy or not to Buy Chinese products

    - Shailesh Charati, Bengaluru The question many Indians are facing these days regarding Chinese products. For China, trade is a way to advance her territorial ambitions. It’s always been the trademark of China to stealthily work towards it’s ambitions. Since December 2019 things have taken an even uglier turn with the Wuhan virus pandemic taking a toll on the whole world. There are several suspicious omissi ...

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    No power equipment will be imported from China and Pakistan – RK Singh

    New Delhi. Further tightening the noose, the government on Friday said that no power equipment will be imported from China and Pakistan without prior permission. The announcement was made by Union Power Minister RK Singh that came amid the ongoing border standoff with China. During a virtual press conference with state counterparts, Minister also asserted that the equipment import from China and Pakistan wo ...

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    Memorandum submitted to Karnataka CM BS Yedyurapp

    Bengaluru. Office bearers of Bharatiya Kisan Sangh, Swadeshi Jagran Manch, Krishi Prayog Parivar called on Karnataka Government’s Honourable Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa and submitted a memorandum opposing the proposed amendments to the Land reforms Act 1961. Economist Prof. B.M. Kumaraswamy, Jagadish, Regional Organising Secretary of Swadeshi Jagran Manch, Gangadhar Kasaraghatta, State’s Chief Secretary ...

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    Your bravery and dedication is unparalleled – PM Modi to soldiers

    New Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached Leh to visit Ladakh today. He is accompanied by Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat and Army Chief MM Naravane in his visit to Ladakh. PM Modi reached at forward locations in Nimu, Ladakh early morning, interacted with personnel of Army, Air Force & ITBP. Located at 11,000 feet, this is among the tough terrains, surrounded by Zanskar range and o ...

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    Boycott China – JSW group promises to bring down net import of $400 million to zero in 24 months

    New Delhi. Due to the ongoing tensions on the LAC border, it has given a clarion call for action against China. Indian citizens are much into giving befitting replies to China from boycotting Chinese products to banning 59 Chinese applications by the Central government. Meanwhile, the JSW Group which has net imports of $400 million from China, has pledged to bring it down to nil in the next 24 months. Refer ...

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