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    World needs India’s ancient traditions of non-violence, compassion – Dalai Lama

    Telangana (VSK). India’s ancient traditions of non-violence and compassion are needed in today’s world where people are fighting on the basis of religion and countries over territorial disputes, Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama said here on Thursday. India should continue its modern education along with its 3,000-year-old ancient tradition of high moral teachings, he added. The Dalai Lama was giving ...

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    Kerala HC admonishes police for allowing vehicles of their choice to go to Pamba

    Kochi (VSK). The Kerala High Court, came down heavily against the police for allowing vehicles of their choice to enter Pamba while going to Sabarimala. The government informed the court that only small vehicles are being allowed at Pamba en route to Sabarimala. However, the Division Bench said that the court had received a report that says the police are allowing vehicles of their choice to enter Pamba. Th ...

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    ‘Islamic terrorists hand in glove with Maoists’: CPM district secretary confirms Red Jihad exists

    Kerala (VSK). “Muslim terrorist outfits in Kozhikode are helping the Maoists. Islamic terrorists are promoting them. The police must probe into it,” said CPM district secretary P. Mohanan. He was speaking at the meeting of the Kerala State Karshaka Thozhilali Union (KSKTU) in Thamarasseri. Confirming the nexus between Islamic and Communist terrorists, he said that the promoters of Maoists are the Islamic te ...

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    Sabarimala – SC asks Kerala Government to frame exclusive law for Sabarimala

    The Supreme Court has directed the Kerala government to frame a separate law for the administration of the Sabarimala Temple. The apex court has also set the third week of January 2020 as the deadline and said the exclusive law should be similar to the southern state's other famous temples like Tirupati and Guruvayur. On August 27, the Supreme Court had asked the Kerala government to frame a new law for Sab ...

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    Kshatriyas of 105 villages will now wear turban and leather shoes; Had vowed not to wear turban 500 years ago in protest of destruction of Ram Temple

    Suryavanshi Kshatriya families in Ayodhya and adjoining 105 villages will start wearing turban and leather shoes after a gap of 500 years. The reason for this is that their resolve to rebuild the Ram Temple which was destroyed by Babur will be soon fulfilled. Turbans are being distributed to every homes of Kshatriyas in these villages. Public meetings are also being held for the same purpose. After the Ram ...

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    No fund is being collected for Shri Ram Janmbhumi temple: VHP

    New Delhi. Vishwa Hindu Parishad today clarified that we are not collecting any fund for Shri Ram Janmabhoomi temple. In his press statement, Shri Milind Parande, the Int'l secretary general VHP said that since 1989 neither VHP nor Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Nyas had collected or made any announcement to collect funds for the Temple at birth place of Bhagwan Shri Ram. In present time too, VHP or Shri Ram Janmabho ...

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    ‘Samarpan’ a serial based on Sewa Karya

    There are numerous helping hands performing social work for various Sewa Sansthas. 'Samarpan' a Hindi TV serial starting soon aims to shed light on such people and organisations. This serial presented by Aurusha Creations is going to be aired every Sunday at 10 AM, starting from 17th November on Doordarshan National channel (DD National- DD1) Some people's goals aren't limited to just making money and gaini ...

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    Sabarimala – Press Statement by RSS Akhil Bharatiya Prachar Pramukh

    Matters related to traditions and customs are issues of faith and belief. Restriction of women belonging to a particular age- group to the Sabarimala shrine has nothing to with gender inequality or discrimination, and that is strictly based on the specialty of the deity. We are of the firm view that the judicial review under whatever pretext in the matter will be violative of the spirit of the freedom of wo ...

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    Sabarimala – Supreme Court honors review petitions filed against its judgment on Sabarimala; Refers them to a larger bench

    The Supreme Court delivered its verdict on the much awaited review petitions over its Sabarimala judgment last year. Honoring the petitions the 5-judge bench has referred the petition to a larger bench. The New Bench will comprise of 7 judges of the Supreme Court. The Sabarimala case was referred to the 7 member bench of the Supreme Court by a 3-2 verdict. The Supreme Court had reserved orders on review pet ...

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    Unique Tradition of a unique Temple is not Gender discrimination – VHP

    Hindu dharma doesn’t practice gender discrimination New Delhi. On Sabarimala issue Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) today said that Unique Tradition of a unique Temple is not Gender discrimination. VHP secretary general Milind Parande said that Hindu dharma doesn’t practice gender discrimination and the Sabarimala case is nowhere related to any gender discrimination but in true sense it relates to unique traditi ...

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