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    ‘PFI leader encouraged me to join ISIS’ – ISIS terrorist

    The role of the Popular Front of India leaders in the ISIS recruitment has been exposed in a shocking confession of an ISIS terrorist from Kerala. A Malayalam news website, has reportedly accessed the statement of the ISIS terrorist AV Rashid, in which he confessed to the police that a Popular Front leader, Shajeel, was the one who first discussed with him about joining the Islamic State (ISIS). ...

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    Two men from Malapuram arrested in Kanyakumari for taking photo of RSS camp

    Two men from Mallapuram District, Kerala have been taken into NIA custody for allegedly spying and taking pictures of RSS training camp in Kanyakumari. RSS volunteers apprehended the accused when they were taking pictures of the training camp hiding in the bush. Upon investigating their mobile phones the volunteers found there were also pictures of Bhagavathy Amman temple, Guganatheeshwar temple and Kudanku ...

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    Hindu society should be integrated

    The 'Community Reconciliation Ceremony' celebrated on behalf of Samajik samrasata was held yesterday (29th Sept.) at Coimbatore, the Ram Nathpuram Danvanthri Arankam. The National President of Samajik samrasata, Shyam Prasad Ji said that Today in our country, caste inequality must be removed. In our Hindu culture there is no imbalance systems among the society. Hindu shasataras and Vedas too not indicated a ...

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    Shri Padmanabhswamy Temple

    Shri Padmanabhswamy Temple, in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, which is known as the world’s richest temple with a treasure worth 22 billion dollars, is home to many wonders that continue to enthral the world. Now nature’s treasure trove has been discovered in the pond of the temple, with a group of scientists finding the growth of algae with commercial and rare medicinal values. The species found in the Padma ...

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    Unholy nexus between DMK and Communist parties exposed

    The Dravidian party funded 25 cr to the Communists before Lok Sabha polls Among several common issues that drive the Dravidian and Communist parties like their anti-Hindu stand, support for anti-Nationals and separatists, it has now been revealed that they also collude for money. Communists cliam that their expenses are supported by the common people but this claim has proved to be false yet again. In a rep ...

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    ‘Sardar Patel National Unity Award’ – Highest Civilian Award

    Delhi. The Government of India has instituted the ‘Sardar Patel National Unity Award’ in the name of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. The award is the highest civilian award in the field of contribution to the unity and integrity of India. A notification instituting the Award was issued by Ministry of Home Affairs last week. The Award seeks to recognize notable and inspiring contributions to promote the cause of n ...

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    Fabulous Yakshagana performance by children of Nele Nivedita

    Bengaluru. Ganesha Festival celebrations held in Vinayaka layout, Ullala, was not like one of the several celebrations. What made the evening even special was the Yakshagana performance by children of Nele Nivedita. Yakshagana is a folk theatre form originated in Karnataka. It is a popular form of story telling, famous for its colorful costumes, energetic narration, and lively steps. The theme chosen was st ...

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    Key Points and Recommendations from #StatusofWomen Report by DRISHTI

    - The Study was conducted across 5 Regions, 29 states, five Union Territories and 465 districts during the period of year 2017-18. There are 17 states in India having international borders. In India, total districts at international borders are 106 out of which 70 districts (66.04%) are covered in the study. Women above the 18 years of age were the unit of analysis and total 43255 women were interviewed. - ...

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    RSS’ Sarsangchalak Mohan Bhagwat releases report on ‘Status of Women’

    New Delhi. The RSS’ Sarsanghchalak Dr. Mohan Bhagwat Ji said today that women are capable of taking care of themselves and men shouldn't think it is they who know better about how women can make progress. While releasing the report ‘Status of women’ in Bharat, he further added the change for women should begin from each individual home. The study was conducted by Drishti Stree Adhyayan Prabhodhan Kendra, a ...

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