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    SSI Wilson murder Case – NIA Files Charge-sheet Against Six Islamist terrorists including members of ISIS

    Accused wanted to wage violent Jihad in India and bring Islamic Rule New Delhi. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) on July 10 filed charge-sheet before Special NIA Court in Chennai against 6 Islamist terrorists in the Special Sub-Inspector Wilson murder case. The accused terroroists are Abdul Shameem, Y. Thowfeek, Khaja Mohideen, Mahboob Pasha, Ejas Pasha and Jaffar Ali. The NIA has issued a press rele ...

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    Saint in a Politician Garb

    Shankar Ramachandran 117 years ago, on this day, Kumaraswami Kamaraj was born, who went on to become the Chief Minister of Madras Province, as Tamil Nadu was then known, before the States Reorganisation in 1956. As circumstances would have it, he later became  President of the Indian National Congress, which he left and founded & presided Indian National Congress (Organisation), till his death in 1975. ...

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    Khilafat: scriptural sanction and historical antecedents

    Shreerang Godbole To a devout Muslim, doctrine overrides conscience. Islamic doctrine flows from a triad of Islamic scriptures that includes Quran, Hadith (narrative record of the sayings or customs of Prophet Muhammad) and the Sira (biography of the Prophet Muhammad) or the Sunnah (tradition or way of the Prophet Muhammad). Whether at a personal or community level, it is scriptural sanction alone that vali ...

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    Islamic State behind Kerala Gold Smuggling case?

    Kerala. A shocking revelation, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) indicate the role of global terror group Islamic State in the recent gold smuggling in Kerala. The agency made a sensational claim in the Kerala High Court on Friday saying that they have an intelligence report which says that there are “Islamic State” links to the Kerala gold smuggling racket. NIA strongly argued that no bail should be ...

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    #FakeNews – BMS issues notice to four Malayalam news channels including CPM-owned channel

    Kochi. The Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh has issued notice to four Malayalam channles, including a CPM-owned channel that aired fake news in connection with the Thiruvananthapuram gold smuggling case. Apart from party-based Kairali channel, BMS issued notices to 24 News, Media One and News 18 Kerala for defamatory remarks. The BMS, through its advocate has sought a compensation of Rs 5 crore against the media whi ...

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    Seva4Society – Swayamsevaks of Seva Bharati builds a bamboo bridge in a Kerala village to connect to the outside world during rainy season

    Kerala. The villagers near Moolamattom in Kerala are faced with a unique problem every year. The village is situated in Arappuzhalam panchayat in Idukki district of Kerala is surrounded by forests all around. Every year during the rainy season the water level raises and consequently the area around the village become difficult to tread, especially for the aged and the children. The village is practically cu ...

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    Ayush – 196 out of 255 in Davanagere cured of Covid19 vide medicine guidelines

    Bengaluru. There has been a positive news running for a while now that Bharat’s ancient medicine of Ayurveda practice could help cure Corona. The doctors of the Ayurveda stream in the Government hospitals have also entered into the stream of research. Apparently, there is a huge success reported. Abiding to the Central Government’s Ayush Department guidelines, Ayurvedic medicine to boost immunity was tried ...

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    Boycott Chinese Product – Overwhelming support to SJM’s digital signature campaign

    New Delhi. Swadeshi Jagran Manch has managed to garner support of over 12 lakh persons through its digital signature campaign to support ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat’ and for boycott of Chinese goods and products. The campaign has received support from every state and UT of India. The campaign has expanded the organisation’s reach in terms that out of the 12 lakh persons just about 45 thousand are its registered vo ...

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    Khilafat Movement: Relevance and discourse

             - Dr. Shreerang Godbole The Khilafat Movement (1919-1924) refers to the ferment among Indian Muslims consequent to the threatened dismemberment of the Turkish Ottoman Empire and the abolition of the Turkish Caliphate at the end of the World War I. The Khilafat Movement primarily sought the restoration of the Khalifa (lit. successor; religious and temporal head of global Muslims). The Khilafat Movem ...

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    Resurgent Bharat – Firm leadership, and unified society

    Dr. Manmohan Vaidya Bharat was in the midst of fighting the thickening Corona pandemic situation when the news of Chinese attempt to encroach into Laddakh's Galwan region and the ensuing struggle of our armed forces rattled the country. Twenty warriors of Bharatiya army made a heroic sacrifice of their lives to safeguard their motherland. This damage garnered many headlines in the media with few news featur ...

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