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    No place for ‘Socialist & Secular’  in Indian Constitution

    Basic tenets of preamble were rewritten most undemocratically in 1976 when opposition was put behind bars, Parliament had extended tenure, Indira’s election was  under question &  people’s democratic rights suspended Devesh Khandelwal / New Delhi A recent private member’s bill moved by BJP member in Rajya Sabha Rakesh Sinha has re-ignited the debate on removal of word socialist from Indian Constitution. ...

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    India’s Response to covid-19 Will Define Its Future Global Role

    Vijay Gokhale Time will tell if COVID-19 defines the remainder of the 21st century. History may not hold the answers because disruption on a globle scale has not been witnessed before, not even during the two world wars of the 20th century. COVID-19 transcends all barriers, geographical, physical, social and cultural. It has become personal to every individual on this planet. How and why it began will engag ...

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    CoVid19 – Beijing’s Propaganda War to Escape Blame For Chinese Virus Won’t Work

    Nitin Gokhale NEW DELHI. “Although Wuhan city in China first reported the outbreak, there is no evidence that China is the source of the virus that caused COVID-19.” The above is a press release from the Chinese embassy in Delhi, issued on Wednesday evening. It confirms the view that even as the world battles the Chinese virus pandemic, China is moving to lift restrictions on movement in Hubei province with ...

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    IIM Study – Bollywood Films are against Hindu-Sikh Honor

    IIM Study Reveals that Bollywood Films are against Hindu-Sikh Honor. Study Reveals - 62% of the corrupt businessman in films had a vaishya last name. 58% of the corrupt politicians in films had a Hindu brahmin last name. Nearly, 74% of the films presented Sikhs as laughable. 84% of the Muslims in films were shown as strongly religious and honest. In 18/20 movies, Pakistanis were projected as welcoming, cour ...

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    Bollywood – Stereotypicality in Hindi cinema is not a healthy trend

    I am not a regular movie viewer. However, I was cajoled into watching the Salman Khan-starrer Bajrangi Bhaijaan and I was surprised at the director’s treatment of the subject. The majority of Indians were projected as narrow-minded, conservative, and discriminating. However, a majority of the Pakistanis were shown as open-minded and non-discriminating. This led me to empirically examine if this portrayal is ...

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    Jamia Millia, AMU violence – Don’t let ‘Ferguson Effect’ take over

    The violence on the streets of the Capital of the country witnessed over the last two days and the criticism of ‘Delhi Police’ for using force to stop those burning buses, indulging in stone pelting and threatening to create an anarchy in the city compels one to think whether we, as a society, are creating an ideal situation for the ‘Ferguson Effect’. Simply defined, ‘Ferguson Effect’ implies increased de-p ...

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    CAB – To Protect Persecuted Minorities of Pak, B’desh and Afganistan

    At midnight when the world was sleeping the line was drawn dividing brothers and sisters. Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Jains, Parsis, Buddhists who did not want to be citizens of an Islamic theocratic state had little choice once the political boundary was drawn. Many did not want to leave their birth place, so decided to stay there in Pakistan. Rise of fundamentalist force led to religious persecution of the ...

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    Emulate the Mahatma’s vision in our lives

    Dr. Mohan Bhagwat Poojya Mahatma Gandhi is prominent among luminaries whose names were etched in the history of modern and the rising Independent Bharat, a glorious chapter in its eternal and epochal journey. Bharat is the land of spirituality, and its progress is rested on the same. Mahatma Gandhi laid the foundation and built a polity based on this. Gandhiji’s efforts were not limited to power politics. H ...

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    Article 370 – Under its cover, Pak-sponsored terrorism and separatist forces were fostered

    Article 370 went against the idea of Bharat  Under its cover, Pak-sponsored terrorism and separatist forces were fostered. Government of Bharat’s decision to amend Article 370 and remove 35A, combined with the bifurcation of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) state into two union territories has surprised, baffled and shocked many. During the debate in Parliament the Opposition parties argued that this move was un ...

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    It is time to recognise Dr. Hedgewar’s contribution to the freedom movement

    Dr. Keshav Baliram Hedgewar is primarily known as the founder of the RSS, the largest voluntary movement in the world. But there are some aspects of Dr. Hedgewar’s personality, such as his involvement in the freedom movement, that are unknown to the world. He joined the movement at a young age and was influenced by the firebrand nationalism of Lokmanya Tilak. Keshav studied in Nagpur, Yavatmal, and Puna, be ...

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