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    Geeta Jayanti – Bhagvad Geeta teaches us the right perspective

    New Delhi. Srimad Bhagvad Geeta is the ultimate guide to humanity through the philosophy of - Karma - Selfless Work, but also the base of the whole universe. Today is Geeta Jayanti, the day on which the Bhagvad Geeta was revealed is celebrated as the Geeta Jayanti festival. This day is the 11th day of the waxing moon of the Mārgashīrṣha month of the Hindu calendar. According to the Geeta, when you go into ...

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    Ram Mandir is a symbol of National Pride

    Though the nature of land dispute in Ram Mandir issue at Ayodhya and that of Somnath Temple is totally different, the Supreme Court’s decision to not speed up the Ram Mandir case reminded me of a debate that took place in 1948 about the reconstruction of Somnath Mandir – another temple destroyed by Islamic invaders. This debate, between K.M. Munshi and Pandit Nehru, has been recorded by Dr. Munshi in his mo ...

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    Honey-trapping’ the preferred method by Pakistan to lure young men into terrorism

    Pakistan based terror groups have made ‘honey trapping’ their most preferred method to lure youths in Jammu and Kashmir to join terrorism and to use them as human carriers for delivering arms from one place to another or acting as guides to infiltrating terrorists. ‘Honey Trapping’ is a commonly used technique practised for very long by spy agencies to extract sensitive information. An intelligence-based op ...

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    No love, only jihad

    While India preferred to remain silent on a sensitive issue, the UK confirmed worst fears that ‘love’ is a ruse to trap girls and sexually exploit or convert them to Islam or both What is ‘love jihad’? Is it part of a ‘religious obligation’ undertaken by Muslim zealots to Islamise non-believers or is it a myth created by ‘radical’ Hindu groups and a section of spooked Christian clergy to promote their divis ...

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    Communists wanted to divide India into 17 countries

    Communists refused to recognize Independent India for four years i.e. till August 15, 1951. They accepted it only after their rebellion in the then Andhra Pradesh miserably failed to elicit any favourable response. Mitrokhin Archives reveal, Communists/Congress both, were funded by the Russian spy agency KGB. Radio Moscow openly campaigned in favour of Communists in the Lok Sabha 1952 elections. Communists ...

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    Tradition of ‘Fraternity’ is Hindutva

    At a recently held lecture series, the Sarsanghachalak of Rshtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Dr. Mohanji Bhagwat, said, “‘Fraternity’ is the essence of the Sangh’s activities, and exemplifies our country’s ‘unity in diversity’.” “It is this tradition of fraternity that is referred to as “Hindutva”, Dr. Bhagwat continued. “And that is why we say that Bharat is a Hindu Rashtra, where ‘Rashtra’, stands for ‘peop ...

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    RSS fetish of Nehru Family and Durbaris

    Media is in a flutter about Madhya Pradesh Congress talking of banning RSS and related organisations from government properties and prohibiting government employees from participating in RSS activities. For me it shows Nehru family and its durbaris’ RSS fetish or obsession. This fetish goes back to 1947. This latest attempt by MP Congress is nothing but continuing the legacy of their colonial masters faithf ...

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    Now it’s Sabarimala, next on ‘secular radar’ is Amarnath

    Kerala govt’s affidavit on Sabarimala raises disturbing questions Early this year, the Supreme Court urged the Jagannath temple administration in Odisha to consider allowing non-Hindus to enter the temple, saying that Hinduism doesn’t eliminate any other faith and is the eternal faith, wisdom and inspiration of centuries. Justices Adarsh Kumar Goel and Ashok Bhushan suggested that people of other faiths be ...

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    Here are the 4 kinds of people who can never understand the traditions of Sabarimala

    On 13th November, the Supreme Court will hear petitions challenging its Sabarimala verdict. Last week Sabarimala temple opened for a day and Kerala govt. deployed a 2000 strong police force for this day. Their priorities were quite evident. A communist govt. is going all out to ensure that women devotees get Sri Ayyappa’s darshan as early as possible. Wonder if anyone sees the irony in there, but then we li ...

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    ‘Historical Tyrant’ Tipu Continues to be Eulogised for Votes

    “Tipu Sultan is the biggest enemy of the Canara Christian community”, says Robert Rosario who is a Catholic and lives in Mangaluru. The kind of torture he meted out to my community for about 15 years is something we will never forget, he says. Between 1765 and 1780, Tipu committed untold atrocities against Catholics in the coastal region of Karnataka, and did not leave aside even women and children. Executi ...

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