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    BY V. SHANMUGANATHAN, HON'BLE GOVERNOR OF MEGHALAYA AND ARUNACHAL PRADESH Mananiya Sri. K. Suryanarayana  Rao came to Tamil Nadu in the early 70’s from Bangalore. The people of Tamil Nadu were quite impressed by his tall, well built, pleasing and majestic personality. He was a real leader with extraordinary determination. After coming to Tamil Nadu, he learnt the Tamil language and was able to read and writ ...

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    ‘Dialogue Leads To Clarity of Vision’ – J. Nandakumar Ji

    Perpetual churning is the very basis of Bharatiya philosophy. Healthy discussion and creative dialogue have played a great role in the progress of this great nation. Distinctiveness of our knowledge - tradition is marked by its unique nature of imparting wisdom. It was neither a one - way affair nor a two - way lane. Yes, the mode and form of Bharatiya communication has always been multifaceted. The whole s ...

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    Deadly cocktail combination of Marxist-Jehadi nexus behind murder of Ramith

    The gruesome killig of our dear swayamsevak Ramith by the CPM goons on 12-10-2016 near his home at Pinarayi was a really shock to all the karyakartas and swayamsevaks of our District. He was killed while he was going to buy medicines for his niece. Ramith was attacked by a member of trained CPM goons who attacked him initially with iron rods and thereafter with daggers and swords. He was declared dead at ho ...

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    Leftist control over Liberals using trigger words

    The other day a self-confessed liberal friend informed me that she was ‘depressed’ at the prospect of war after India’s cross-border strike. She is a very nice person but I can’t remember her saying the same after the Uri terror attack in which 18 Indian soldiers were killed. Apparently Terrorism is not as depressing as the ‘prospect of War’. I have observed this phenomenon among many liberals. They go ball ...

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    Befitting reply to insulting article on RSS in Outlook magazine

    An Article by Monika Arora, Supreme Court Advocate Apropos to your (Outlook) cover story titled “Operation Baby lift”, dated August 8, 2016, we wish to state that what you have packaged as investigation material of three months is nothing but the perverted imaginings of a sick mind. And it is a fool’s errand to expect that such writers (as the concerned journalist, Neha Dixit) will understand the meaning of ...

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    Big Lie Of History: Gandhi’s Murderer Godse Was With RSS When He Killed Him

    In his own words, Mahatma Gandhi’s assassin separated himself and his crime from the RSS. He did not do so alone, even the government approver, Digambar Badge, who was pardoned and corroborated the government's version didn’t point a finger at the RSS. There is little motivation for Godse to have parked himself with the HMS and not the RSS. At the time of this testimony, Godse was a dead man walking; his fa ...

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    Kerala’s missing 17: How a complex web of conversion and radicalization led them out of India

    “Nimisha was a simple girl who used to love wearing salwar kameez,” says Bindu, as she explains the events which shook her family and have sent shock waves across Kerala. “When she came to tell us in November 2015 that she was in love with a man named Isa from Palakkad, she came in a burqa. My daughter is missing now, and newspapers say she has joined the Islamic State. Will the police help us?” she asks, a ...

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    Clearing Misconceptions About RSS

    Many people criticise Hindus for not having a proper sense of charity and not helping their own less fortunate brothers and sisters. Caste and untouchability are often cited as proof. This excuse is used for people to fund non-Hindu or foreign-based charities in India. Such individuals fail to note that India has the largest volunteer service organisation in the world, the RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh), ...

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    Nothing anti-India should be tolerated – Dr. Manmohan Vaidya

    An interview of Dr. Manmohan Vaidya to Economic Times. Opposition parties are increasingly targeting the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), which is the ideological mothership of the Sangh Parivar. Inside and outside Parliament, the Congress and the Left have squarely blamed the RSS for many of the controversies - including the suicide of Dalit scholar Rohith Vemula and the standoff in the Jawaharlal Nehru ...

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    Strengthening the weakest link will lead the nation to development – Dr. Mohan Bhagwat

    Deendayal ji was a reluctant politician. By nature, he was a thinker and organiser. Still, when he was told to take the responsibility of Bharatiya Jan Sangh, he tried his best to transform the nature of Bharatiya politics with his golden touch. This 25th September marks the beginning of his birth centenary year. On this occasion, RSS Sarsanghachalak Mohan Bhagwat had a frank conversation with Prafulla Ketk ...

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