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    Integral Humanism of Deendayal Upadhyaya

    It is a testament to Deendayal Upadhyaya’s foresight that much of what he suggested fifty years ago may seem unsurprising to many since it is now part of the established discourse of Hindutva. His four lectures on Integral Humanism sought to examine existing socio-political and economic ideas and systems and posit an alternative mode of living based on the traditions of Sanatana Dharma. In some ways, his en ...

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    Indian Census 2011 – Alarming Signs

    The Hindu population is now officially below 80% nationally as per the census. If we consider the undeclared Christian population to it, ( those who enjoy Hindu reservation benefits but practise Christianity), the numbers would be further lower to this. For those wondering why a reduced Hindu population should be a matter of concern, recall the words of Dr.Annie Beasant.... In 4 states, Muslim population ha ...

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    Bombs and missiles on the one hand with veena and Gita on the other

    We have often asked ourselves and others why India in its several thousand years of history has rarely tried to expand its territories or to assume a dominant role. Many of the experts and others with whom we had dialogue referred to some special features in the Indian psyche which could partly explain their greater tolerance, less discipline, the lack of sense of retaliation, more flexibility in accepting ...

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    Revival of Rashtriya Utsavs – The Antidote for Commercialization of Culture

    From the Vedic period to contemporary history, we find great seers and scholars articulating the fact about how and why this is one nation. However, in his maiden speech on Independence Day 1947, Pt.Nehru said India i.e. Bharat is a Nation in the making. By this he meant that we have not been One nation in the past. This has been the policy since then. Nehru’s own contemporaries like Sri Aurobindo & Sri ...

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    Yoga is not just exercise or Therapy, It’s a way of life based on Ekatmata

    At the suggestion of the Prime Minister of Bharat to United Nations, 21 June is adopted as the International Day of Yoga. Generally for people Yoga means asanas and pranayama which are done to keep the body fit. But Yoga is not just some exercise or Therapy. It is a way of life based on Ekatmata - Oneness of existence. Existence is interconnected, interrelated and interdependent as it is expression of one C ...

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    How the four Veds and other sacred texts in Hinduism guide one’s conduct

    Hinduism, in its original and purest form is Sanātana Dharma (the approximate English translation means ‘eternal truth’ or ‘timeless religion’) and represents at least 7,000 years of contemplation, tradition, and continuous development in India. Followers of Hinduism are called ‘Hindu’ (the term originally referred to a person who lived beyond the River Sindhu (Indus), in the undivided India). Hinduism has ...

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    I read Mr Julio Ribeiro’s article ‘I feel I am on a hit list’ published in Indian Express (dated 16th March). I did not react immediately because I wanted to let it sink and see if there was any foundation in what he stated. To me, who’s 78 years old, the whole accusation of his seems to have no foundation. As of Julio Ribeiro, my ancestry can also be traced to Hinduism. While he agrees on this, the questio ...

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    “If I had power and could legislate, the first thing I would ban, is conversions.” —Mahatma Gandhi 

    Conversion as an issue has been haunting the Country since long and just because Sangh is the only organisation that has been speaking about it, keeping the larger national interest in perspective, it will not be fair to lampoon its views as it is not to the liking of the votaries. “If I had power and could legislate, the first thing I would ban, is conversions.” —Mahatma Gandhi It is likely that the reader ...

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    Real story about the meeting between Sunni Muslim clerics and RSS

    Contradictory reports have started pouring in across sections of media with regards to a meeting between Sunni Muslim Maulanas and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) leader Indresh Kumar. The meeting took place at Kanpur on the sidelines of the massive RSS camp held in the city on February 15. Amongst other senior leaders RSS SarSanghchalak Dr. Mohan Rao Bhagwat was present at the camp. The delegation of Sun ...

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    At a time when the internally-displaced and persecuted Kashmiri Hindus were preparing themselves to observe the holocaust day, pay homage to the martyrs and reiterate their demand seeking a separate homeland for them within the Valley on January 19, the day the abandoned miniscule minority quit the Kashmir Valley 25 years ago in 1990. To save their lives, culture, religion and honour, certain commentators w ...

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