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    Ambedkar refused to insert ‘socialist’ and ‘secular’ in Constitution’s Preamble

    The omission of the words “secular” and “socialist” from the Preamble of the Constitution in the advertisement issued by Information & Broadcasting (I&B) Ministry on the eve of India’s Republic Day on Monday has led to a furore. A section of the media is busy spinning it as a diabolical attempt to subvert constitution and attempting to manufacturing outrage over it. Anita Joshua of ‘The Hindu’, whil ...

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    What is Ghar Vapsi : R Hari

    Quite unexpectedly, yet another word, “Ghar Vapasi,” has come to hog the limelight. The simple meaning of the word is “home coming.” It is a word that has come in handy to those people, who had once stranded away from the Hindu Dharma, and are now desirous of coming back to the Hindu fold, either individually or enmass. Although the name is new, it is long since the process of Ghar Vapsi has started. During ...

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    The truth is gurus helped their followers become better Christians and Jews : Philip Goldberg

    The famous book American Veda tells a story that needs to be told. It chronicles how the ancient philosophy of Vedanta and the mind body methods of Yoga have profoundly affected the world view of millions of Americans and radically altered the religious landscape. Philip Goldberg, author of the famous book ‘American Veda’ was born and raised in Brooklyn and now lives in Los Angeles, USA. As a college studen ...

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    What is lacking in national discourse?

    It is the leftist secularist baseline that has been fed to the population for the past century as the only proper garment to clothe the ancient Bharatiya spirit. Here lies the problem. It is of course imperative that Bharat awakens, but that must be to re-establish her true civilisational underpinnings. This is referred to aptly as the Sanatana Dharma, her eternal Law of Truth.   There is a void in the ...

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    Opposition promptly backed-off when the Union Government said it is ready to bring an Anti-Conversion Bill and willing to make a strong Anti-Conversion law. In a free-wheeling chat with the weekly magazine—Organiser, Dr Manmohan Vaidya, Akhil Bharatiya Prachar Pramukh of RSS explains about “Ghar Vapsi” and the controversies being fabricated around such events Winter Session of the Parliament concluded with ...

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    Conversion and Conviction

    The discourse on conversion has taken an interesting turn. An incident of homecoming ceremony in Agra has triggered the discussion and the whole secular space, including their representatives in the Parliament sneaked the opportunity of targeting the BJP led government on the Hindutva plank. Without recognising the difference between religious conversion and homecoming to the traditional way of life, these ...

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    Actually, the Alternative is ‘The Original’

    “Who offers the knowledge about longevity and what goes against of it and also provides the account of the time and quality of life (ayu) as well, is termed as Ayurveda.”    —Charaka Samhita; SU.30.24 If somebody asks you solar energy is natural or not, you would consider him a fool. But in common parlance while artificially generated power is considered as main source of energy, unfortunately, natural sour ...

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    Hygiene and the Hindu way of life

    Chennai. For a long time now, it is a prevalent thought among foreigners that the Hindus in Bharat have little or no regard for clean living. Most people feel that Hindus take dirt and stench casually and almost seem to revel in the squalor around them. The sizable population of NRIs who visit Bharat is even more aggressive in voicing their revulsion for the Hindu way of ‘dirty living’, conveniently forgett ...

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    Bharat wants to listen to P.P. Dr. Bhagwatji

    An executive editor of a prominent national channel met me on my way to Nagpur and I was surprised at his excitement at covering the Vijayadashami speech of the RSS Sarsanghchalak. All prominent news channels, including the BBC, were in Nagpur to cover the Vijayadashami programme. The magnitude of RSS’ influence on politics, society and culture can no longer be ignored, and it is imperative that the old con ...

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    Address of Parampujya Sarsanghchalak ji on Sri Vijaya Dashmi

    We have gathered here once again after a year on this auspicious and holy occasion of Vijaya Dashami. This year the environment is quite different and everyone can feel it.  . The grand success of our scientists in sending our 'Mangal Yaan' into the orbit of Mars, that also in the maiden attempt, has tremendously generated respect for us and has added to our self confidence. We express our hearty congratula ...

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