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Celebrate Ram temple commencement poojan day, with Corona watchfulness – VHP

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New Delhi. The Vishva Hindu Parishad has prepared a comprehensive action plan regarding the worship to be held for the re-construction of the temple on Shri Ram’s birthplace. According to this, while on coming 5th August in Ayodhya, the Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be worshiping with revered saints, scholars, trustees and other dignitaries for the grand Janmabhoomi temple of Bhagwan Shri Ram, the whole country & the world will be watching live on TV the unique historic episode. With coalescence of water from holy rivers and sacred earth from the pilgrimage centres of the country in this Poojan, this temple of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi will be an enduring and immortal beaming centre of social harmony, national unity and integration and awakening of the feeling of Hindutva. On this auspicious occasion of fulfilment of the aspirations of the Rama devotees after hundreds of years of relentless rigour of Hindu society, Milind Parande, Secretary General of Vishva Hindu Parishad made the following call to all Ram devotees –

– On August 5 Wednesday, 2020, at 10.30 a.m., all the revered Sant-Mahatmas, in their respective monasteries, Ashrams and all the devotees living in the country and abroad, sitting together in their homes or nearby temples or Ashrams, should offer worship to their respective adored deities, recite Kirtans, offer flowers, perform Aarti and distribute Prasad.

– Arrange, as far as possible, to show the Poojan ceremony in Ayodhya to the local communities in your respective areas live on television / big screen in a huge auditorium / hall.

– Decorate your houses, neighbourhoods, villages, markets, monasteries, Gurudwaras, Ashrams, etc., as much as possible, and distribute Prasad and also light lamps after sunset in the evening.

– Resolve to donate, as much as you can, for the construction of Shri Ram’s Temple of Nativity.

– Coming to Ayodhya under present circumstances can cause a lot of inconvenience, so, observe this festival with great pomp and ceremony in your homes, nearby monasteries or local public places.

– Using all means of publicity, make this grand programme available to more and more people of the society.

– In all the above mentioned plans and programmes, follow all COVID-19 pandemic preventive guidelines issued by the government and local administration.


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