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Chhattisgarh – Government health official advised tribal woman to visit Church for treatment

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Raipur. Ever since the tribal-dominated State came into existence, it’s been alleged that the State machinery has been infiltrated by a large chunk of people, who directly or indirectly support or motivate the cause of conversion of the local Hindu natives to Christianity.

In the latest shocking incident, pertaining to the penetration of missionary sympathizers in the Government machinery, an old tribal lady has been advised by a Govt. official to visit the local Church to cure her illness in the Bhatgaon region of the newly crafted Sarangarh-Bilaigarh district of Chhattisgarh.

The shameful incident occurred when an old tribal lady, Kumari Bai Sahis, a resident of ward no 03 Bhatgaon, had gone to the nearby primary health center of Bhatgaon for her treatment when the R.M.A (Rural Medical Assistant) Santosh Tondon after advising some medicine told the lady to visit the nearby Church on May 28 to get rid of her prolonged illness on May 16.

Santosh Tondon, while emphasizing the treatment being provided in the Church premises, also briefed the lady that not only the doctors treating in the Church are good, but the treatment provided there is also free of cost, going further the Government official also wrote down the address of the Church on the backside of the prescription.

Learning about the incident when BJP functionary Dheeraj Singh a resident of the same colony where the lady resides, confronted the RMA with the advice he gave to the lady, Santosh Tondon firstly tried to defend his action by explaining that he knew the lady for a long and was only trying to help her. Though Dheeraj rightly pointed out why a Sanatan Dharma practitioner should need to visit a Church for treatment, Santosh Tondon explained that he only has advised the lady to go there if she didn’t get well on the medicines prescribed by him.

Fumed by the action of the RMA, Dheeraj Singh then submitted a memorandum in the district collectorate demanding immediate action against the accused, following which a show cause notice against the accused had also been reportedly issued by the head of the Bhatgaon PHC to which Santosh Tondon replied that the lady herself had asked about the Church and he was only trying to help her with the address.

However, contrary to his claims, a viral video of the victim clearly established that it was the RMA who had advised the lady to visit the Church for treatment. In the video, the victim can be heard saying that the RMA told her that you are coming here for two years and that if you are not getting well, you should go there (Church).

Dheeraj Singh also wrote a letter to the Secretary of the health ministry seeking an enquiry against the accused. In the letter sent to the ministry, Dheeraj has asked the authorities to conduct a thorough enquiry about the number of patients referred by Santosh Tondon besides providing police protection for the lady.

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