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Communist Atrocity in Temple – CPM Activists Tear Curtain of Stage After Artists Rejecting to Sing Party Song

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A music program at the Vallalamkulam Nannoor Devi Temple took a shocking turn on Sunday when Communist Party of India (Marxist) or CPM activists tore down the curtain of the stage after the singers refused to sing a party song.

According to witnesses, the incident occurred during the Alappuzha Claps Orchestra’s performance. As the program was nearing its end, the CPM activists demanded that the singers perform the party song, “Balikuteerangale,” which was traditionally sung at CPM events.

However, when the singers refused to comply, the activists grew angry and tore down the stage’s curtain in protest.

The organizers of the event then announced that the program was over and began closing down the venue. This further angered the activists who had gathered outside, prompting them to tear down the curtain.

The festival committee and the temple advisory officials have filed a complaint with the Tiruvalla police against the protesters for trying to disrupt the temple festival and the song festival.

The incident has sparked outrage among Hindus, with many condemning the CPM activists for their violent behaviour. Many have also called for the party to take action against those responsible for the incident.

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