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Complaint filed against K.K Shailaja and Kerala government official

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Spreading false information against RSS in connection with Manipur riots

Kannur, Kerala. The RSS district unit has lodged a complaint against former Minister and MLA K.K. Shailaja for allegedly spreading false rumours linking the RSS to the Manipur Violence. The complaint was filed with the Kannur City Police Chief.

The complaint also states that the accusation against the RSS, which had nothing to do with the incident, was meant to humiliate the RSS organisation in the society. According to the complaint, KK Shailaja published a post which is defamatory and incites disturbance in the society.

Copies of the complaint against Shailaja, accusing her of defaming RSS and attempting to provoke social unrest in Kerala, have been submitted to the DGP, DIG, Thalassery Assistant Commissioner, and SHO.

The accusation alleges that despite the police having arrested the actual perpetrators involved in the Manipur incident and their identities and pictures being publicly disclosed, Shailaja made statements aimed at creating misunderstanding and animosity among the people.

Complaint filed against Kerala government official

Ernakulam. On other hand, a complaint has been officially filed with the police against a Kerala government official for spreading false information, claiming that the individuals arrested for sexually assaulting a girl following the Manipur tribal riots were RSS workers. The complaint was directed to the Angamali police against Dixon, a resident of Angamali who is an official in the Kerala government. PG Harish Kumar, also from Angamali, is the complainant in this case.

Dixon made use of misleading tactics by using a picture of the BJP Manipur worker and his son dressed in RSS attire for spreading false propaganda. Harish Kumar submitted various documents, including digital evidence, while filing the case.

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