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Consumer Protection – Full of air, no chips.! Lays slapped Rs 85,000 fine by Kerala Legal Metrology Department

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Thrissur, Kerala. There is a worldwide accusation that there was more air than the chips in a packet of Lays. But no one bothers to check its weight or complain about its quantity, which is being misused by the company. It happens widely in India due to lack of proper inspection. Many people say that the products of many other leading brands like Lays, which are manufactured in India are of low quality.

Now, ‘Lays’ was fined Rs 85,000 by Thrissur Legal Metrology Office in Kerala following the difference in amount of chips inside the air-filled pouch.

PD Jayashankar, a native of Thrissur and president of Centre for the Protection of Social Justice, had lodged a complaint with the Legal Metrology Office after finding differences in the amount of Lays found in the packet he had bought. The action was taken on the basis of this complaint.

He moved legally after discovering that the chips inside the pack weighed less than the amount shown. PepsiCo India Holdings Pvt. Ltd. should pay the fine.

The packet showed 115 grams but the amount of chips inside was much less than that. The same was the case in three packets. On inspection, only 50.930 grams were found in one, 72.730 grams in the second and 86.380 grams in the third packet.

Following this, the officials also inspected the supermarket in Kanjani. The department took action after finding differences in the quantity.

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